WOW - it is actually CHILLY this morning here in Paris! Looks like the weather is singing a NEW song!

(Seriously, the heat wave that brought 4-5 consecutive days over over 100degree weather - yikes! - required a sea change in the weather - gratitude!)

Over the last couple of weeks, through heat wave and all, I have had a hymn from back in my schoolgirl-choir days, back at St. John's, in the Bronx, running on "Repeat":

"Sing to the Lord a new song... sing to the Lord a new song... sing to the Lord, sing to the Lord, a new song!"

I did a search to try to find this upbeat and kind of pop-rocky hymn (maybe we did it at the folk mass), but all I am finding are the (lovely, if staid) traditional versions of the underlying psalm.

DRAT! Foiled again! lol

... unless maybe not!

It is a catchy (can't get it out of my head), powerful, a hymn that mounts to crescendo... although perhaps best y'all don't get to hear me singing my heart out here, now. More emotion than craft. lol

Moreover, maybe I am not finding the rest of the lyrics because I don't need them: the refrain is potent enough. So maybe I am not finding the rest of the song FOR A REASON.

These days, I operate this LIFE machinery on that premise, at any rate: that everything happens for a reason. The adage that belonged to my mother has come home to roost... but really!

I KNOW now that everything happens for a reason, so instead of judging what is happening, I need only root around a bit to find the underlying gift, the glimmer of gold that is there. Always!

If this song is in my head - so much so that I am writing about it! - then I need to pay attention. And if you are reading it, perhaps there is something in it for you, too... an invitation to sing a new song, maybe!

All this brings to mind a song from (yes, again!) A STAR IS BORN : "Maybe it'ss time to let the old ways die, maybe it;s time to let the old ways die. IIt takes a lot to change a man (or a woman); it takes a lot to try: maybe it's time to let the old ways die."

Of course, the two songs in questions are saying the SAME THING!

Sure, singing a new song is more affirmative than letting the old ways die, but in the end, they are two sides of the same transaction, albeit, one, positive and simple; the other, perhaps more complicated and ... well, sad, maybe.

I can't but recognize the illustration of the old ornery phrase "You can do this the easy way or the hard way." I'm about the simple ways!!! If I focus on singing a NEW song, the "old ways" are simply displaced naturally: I LIKE it!!

There are two energetic laws that I love to teach/talk about, that touch everyone and everything: 1. WHERE OUR ATTENTION GOES, SO GOES OUR ENERGY. 2. ENERGY SEEKS EQUILIBRIUM.

In short, I can manage my life to channel it in the directions that inspire me simply by SINGING A NEW SONG.And that will bring about new experience, a new equilibrium.

What does that mean, tangibly?

Well, while literally singing is truly a powerful way to bring energy into the world, if not, I can also tangibly sing my new song by TRYING NEW THINGS, USING NEW WORDS, and THINKING NEW THOUGHTS.

If I want to change something that is present in my life, I can't do it without changing that which brought that experience to me, in equilibrium with whatever "song" I was singing in the past.

So will it be the hard way or the easy way?

To me, it's clear: singing is the easy way: a more harmonious way of birthing the new. And to me, much more attractive than the hard way: being dragged kicking and screaming into it.

So I choose to breathe and sing, allowing the old to be released simply by welcoming the new... and look for and see the reason which is always there, ready to be seen and birthed. Time to ease on down the new roads not yet traveled!

Today, I will consciously sing - literally and figuratively! - a NEW song. The old one feels tired, and tiring. The edge of energy rising is in what is looking to emerge - always! - whether it is a new hairstyle, website, a new job, a new life... or maybe, simply, fresh new ways of looking at what SEEMED old, renewing it, and investing it with fresh NEW life!

All accomplished simply, by CHOOSING.

Maybe, just maybe, if we each and all awaken to choosing and singing anew, the ensemble impact will birth the new (Harmony? Peace? Love?) on this big ole honey of a planet of ours. That is my hope, my hymn, my sacred song, today.

Singin' my Heart out, from Paris...