I am just back here in Paris and note that it has been some time, quite some time, since I wrote anything here...

But the writing time is almost here, and the outline that will become a table of contents for my 4th book "arrived VSD" (Very Special Delivery!) over the weekend, and it is always good to come here, and keep my hand (and heart and mind) in...

Thanks to a gracious invitation, I voyaged to Brittany for a few days of immersion in Nature: ocean, river, pool (okay that last one is not Nature, really, but there was water, always holy, and immersion.) It brought out the best in me as I lay under the trees with a good book (one good book deserves another), in that fallow time, and in those do-nothing days, everything was done. FOR me, not BY me.

For a time now, I keep getting the message to slow down: that the most efficient and effective way forward at this time is (counter-intuitively) to slow down. That doing LESS and allowing MORE will be the key going forward. That DOWNtime is really the gassing UP time which is most needed.

Who knew? The Angels know what they're doing!

This year has been one of running, fast waters: I even lost my kayak out from under me (metaphorically) a few times. But thankfully, I know what to do when that happens.

You see, in a rapid-water kayak class in Oz way-back-when, I learned that when/if you lose your kayak in rapids, the best thing to do is to maintain your body in that "seated" position, legs outstretched before you ... and - literally - GO WITH THE FLOW.

In that position, one is least likely to sustain injury, and most likely to rejoin said kayak (which was never lost, of course, and which will also, surely, find its way downstream) at the calm pool which ALWAYS awaits the rapids. (Only humans try to go upstream. And the occasional salmon.)

In this rapid-running year, I have been reminded of the dangers of reaching out for the low-hanging fruit - a low branch that may seem like a good idea at the time, so enticing as we face the unknown in our seated, fake-it-til-you-make-it position. The pull backward of the known or the easy may seem irresistible if the new brings out feelings of vulnerability and lack of control. (And Lord You know how I love me some control lol.)

But such a gesture can rip a shoulder out of its cozy socket, as the momentum of the river carries your body downstream, easily overcoming the paltry force of human arms and musculature.


Kayaking, like life, can be an adventure... but if we boldly decide to engage with the adventure and get into that flow, best stick with it. Jumping out midstream - getting cold feet and grabbing out for what seems known and safer than the unknown and uncontrolled future - can hurt far more than whatever downstream awaits (normally, delights).

Sometimes it takes me a while...but okay I get it!

So... I had lost my kayak, but over the last few days, I found it. It was waiting for me, as kayaks and Life do, in the calm pool of "after". We hung out there a while, breathing deeply, resting, enjoying the view (cormorants!)

And now that it is time to get going anew, I am pretty sure I won't forget: won't get fooled again!

Here is the poem / prayer that came out of it:

k. hudson

Dear Lord
In this July morning in Your year
I am traveling again...

In a car, yes.
With someone who is role-playing here, yes, like me,
In a dream...

Before returning to that home-not-home
that is home, for now
In this world.

And though I may find myself
in a car,
in a home,
in a dream
in the world,

Re-mind me that I may ever find my Self
where I Am, I rest, I remain, above all,
in You.

Kayak love from Paris...