Mornin' y'all!

The tempest that was last night has passed, and the sun is peeking out from behind the clouds, transforming their angry visage to pure light.

The clouds turned the page!

It is the winter solstice today; shortest day of the year! A perfect day to set the new a-shining: we can start off easy!

At the turning of the year (and a full moon to boot!, as well as a night that is going to be filled with a meteor shower - shooting starts!), all augurs well for the person who is willing and able to get quiet and notice what the natural world is telling us: turn the page.

Turning the page may mean many things to many people, granted. But maybe we can agree on the following...

1. Turning the page (if we think of a book) is NEITHER GOOD NOR BAD. It is simply advancing. Advancing even (as in the excellent example of a book), we don;t know what is in front of us, necessarily. (Who knew what would fill 2018? I sure didn't!) lol Forward HO : turn the page.

2. Turning the page also means extricating ourselves form whatever DRAMA has been holding onto us, wasting out time and energy. Granted maybe WE were holding onto the drama, but the solstice - today! - is an excellent time to SEE what drama is holding us back (no matter who is holding onto whom) and LET IT GO. Forward HO to Freedom: turn the page!

3. Turning the page does not necessarily mean that we let go of people, places or things in our lives... it may just mean that we allow new iterations of those aspects of our lives: we let those we love turn the page, just as we allow ourselves to turn the page. Allowing ourselves and those we care for to reinvent themselves is like hitting a refresh button in relationship: it can only enliven, make authentic, honest, and loving, what we are currently living. Forward HO to Fresh AIR: turn the page.

4. Turning the page can allow the entirely new to enter into our lives. And knowing how way leads onto way, we may never go back to where we were. And that is ok. Because what was is gone: the people we were connected to have also evolved, and the fun of relationship is flowing with the new iterations of being that emerges again and again, fresh and new.

I'm with Bob Seeger: here I am... here I go...

TURNING THE PAGE from Emerald Isle, y'all...