Good morning, whassup from da Bronx!

My North Carolina island retreat/hermitage broken by the death of that great bright light that was my Uncle Charlie, I greet you this gray Bronx morning from the seat where my Mom once sat with her coffee and cigarettes each day.

The funeral services for my uncle were of course sad but also at once wonderful because the celebration of his 93 years (a family record, apparently!) was the impetus for reconnecting with a lot of folks: (some of) my brothers and my sister, as well as my beautiful goddaughter and nephews ... and the families of cousins I had not seen in, well, decades.

That's what happens when you live in a distant land, an ocean away.

So while the event was sad, it was also happy, just as most events in life are not just one or the other, but (if we look to see it) somehow both.

While we were sad to never see Uncle Charlie here on the down-low (Earth), I think we are all pretty sure that there is a SERIOUS game of horseshoes going on, accompanied most likely by beers and highballs, and that we will all be welcome to attend (but not to play - not all of us lol)... when the time comes.

In this the aftermath, we huddle energetically around Charlie's wife of 71 years (!!), Aunt Alicia (my Dad's sister). And as we wait our turn to get into that other "Game", the wisdom of the old Crosby Stills and Nash song comes to mind, Love the One You're With...

If you're down and confused
And you don't remember who you're talking to
Concentration slip away
Because your baby is so far away
Well, there's a rose in a fisted glove
And the eagle flies with the dove
And if you can't be with the one you love, honey
Love the one you're with

I remember hearing these lyrics as a kid and NOT liking them (although how can you NOT sing along??), taking it to be an invitation to the fickle and frivolous in relationships. But today i see it differently...

Aside from perhaps the rose in the the fisted glove, maybe we can all relate to this... I know I can.

Thinking of my still-beautiful-at-92 Aunt Alicia, now faced with a void/abyss after 7 decades with her dance partner... is this song asking her to find someone else to dance with??

Or as I travel all over the place, is this song asking me to (as one of my nephews laughingly suggested) keep a man in every port? lol

NO! (I am tired just thinking about the energy that would take lol...)

Remembering that we come into this world alone and we leave it along, MAYBE the idea - valuable advice, really! - is to love the one we are with: the ONLY one we are ALWAYS with.

Yeah, yeah, maybe you think I mean God: if we are in that space, sure, why not?

But what I REALLY mean is perhaps foundational to loving a God who may seem real or not very real at all, depending on where we are in life.

NO, I am talking about loving the one we are with always, and right NOW: even as I write - and you read - this : US.

When we finally turn our sights inward, when we set our sights and our Love on ourselves, a Life like no other may spring forth, even in a space that may have seemed barren, devoid of life.

Tomorrow I will do a live video (available on replay) on my personal Facebook page (in English 2:30 eastern time) where I will talk about abundance. And even though it may seem like I am sharing the information and the exercise (we will play with energy!) with y'all, I will be working from that space of filling my own void up, as a basis to all love and all abundance...

Even if we "can't be with the one we love, honey" (someone external to ourselves, maybe who has passed on or simply moved on)... we can always fill where we are RIGHT NOW by loving the "we" who we are, right now, with all the bumps and bruises that this life has given us.

We can perhaps stop hanging our happiness on the shoulders of someone else, but rather look within for that happiness which awaits us like the last, best gift under the tree, within us?

It is time, isn't it?

As a culture, we so often honor heroes, and warriors... maybe we can honor the hero in us, the warriors who has survived thus far, the one for whom the fray is not yet done - but neither is the light, the FUN!

I know I'm in! Just for today, I'll bite, I'll check out what maybe Sills was saying when he wrote those lyrics...TODAY I am gonna...

LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH from da Bronx...