Mornin', y'all !

The sun has been up for a while and so have I: I love the rhythm on an island I have almost all to myself (hurricane Florence left many of the cottages here uninhabitable though still standing)... humble gratitude to God, the Angels... and to this little-cottage-that-could.

As I walk the beach, and see the beehived flurry of activity as workers crawl over rooftops to tear away what is no longer viable and then to replace it with what IS, I am indeed grateful.

First, grateful for this place! Last evening during my sunset walk, I met up with 6 guys from Guatemala who are apparently working on one of the houses. As I approached them, I could see them scampering and playing around on the beach, so much so that from a distance I thought they were kids... teenagers, maybe.

Upon approach, though I saw that one - the leader, I think - was probably about my age, and the others ranging in age from their 20's on up. Yet their EYES!! Sparkling! And their grins were wide as the ocean! I intuited that for some, this was maybe their first ocean. JOY!

They positively VIBRATED Life... and though few of us would envy their life (you couldn't get me up on one of those ladders!), their joy for life, their hunger for it, their ZEST? THAT was definitely enviable...

Which broke a limiting belief that migrant workers have only a hard life. That our life is "better". I haven't seen a smile like that on ANY face in a very long time. (April of 2017 comes to mind lol.)

So I am seeing existing structures being BROKEN to allow the NEW to be born: both in terms of houses and in my own beliefs... and what if there is MORE gold on that path...?

In writing, there is an adage that is well known (though i don;t always apply it, leaving the Guatemalans in this blog lol): KILL YOUR BABIES.

Not REAL babies, mind you (hope I didn't need to say that lol!), but the ideas that keep us comfortable, and in terms of writing, ideas that take us off track. Leave out the distractions. Get to the truths.

That adage is ICONOCLASTIC: that is to say it invites us to BREAK what we hold dear in order to let NEW LIFE burgeon, flower, emerge.

That is not to say break what is NOT broken. Nor is it to say THROW AWAY everything. It simply suggests that to keep life flowing fully, trees are aided by pruning (whether by human hand or big storms), and we could maybe use some pruning too.

ICONOCLASTS ARE REBELS. The world doesn't always like rebels.

The roots of the words is to break (clast) religion symbols (icons).

It is defined more generally as "a person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions, a destroyer of images used in religious worship."

This calls to mind burners of churches: definitely NOT a good thing! An icon is an image used as a prayer support still, the world over. Why would anyone want to smash it?

The call to iconoclast-ing is NOT about destruction, but about pruning.

Today's call to iconoclast (yes I am aware I am transforming it into a verb lol) is also not about religion at all but about spirituality: who are we and what is our relationship to God / the Universe/ Source...?

DO WE DARE BREAK OUR ICONS? To see what lies underneath?

DO WE DARE QUESTION ALL THAT WE THINK WE "KNOW"? To see if maybe there is MORE... ?

Can I let go of that which has been, but like a storm-torn roof, which no longer shelters, to allow for the emergence of the new?

Life is always about CHANGE. Passing from phase to phase, school work, retirement, aging: thew world leads us to belive that these passages make less of our lives... but we know they can be changes for MORE, non?

There is so often pain associated with changes, certainly with the grieving process that is natural when we "lose" something or someone that has been important to us. But the suffering that goes along with it is largely attached to a refusal to honor that which was and let it flow away (knowing that all is One and in the end reunions will be gladsome.)

So today I plan to BREAK my FREAKIN' ICONS, letting GO of all expectations, letting go of the past and the beliefs that past planted in me (like migrant workers are less joyful than "we" are (although it dawns on me that I am a migrant worker lol!)

Today I will approach with the simple joy of those guys on the beach last night: no icons in sight! Rather, an experience of a NEW day, which will bring the NEW rushing to my shores...

How 'bout you?