Bonjour et br-r-r-r from Paris !

It is a brisk 34 degrees here and way too early for winter... or not?

Stubborn, I decided yesterday to dress for Fall anyway: good thing I was running around outside and then spending time inside! yikes!

I understand that the weather will soften in the next days (get warmer), but the point is the same: I wasn't taking the change in weather seriously.

Of course, no one died (my favorite expression to illustrate the non-serious nature of something.)

Or did it?

It was a sunny day here yesterday, and although it is true I did not actually die, I could have LIVED more yesterday. In my running around, if i had dressed a bit more warmly, I could have enJOYed life a bit more during the day: maybe by walking from the Latin Quarter to Bastille... or waiting for my appointment outside, in the Père Lachaise Cemetary (where Doors star Jim Morrison is buried, along with so many others) instead of in the warm waiting room across the street, with a cup of tea.

The point? Nothing against tea!!

But because I did not take the cold seriously, I deprived myself of enjoying outside adventures, interesting activities and the sunlit outdoors - maybe even surprises to enrich my day!

I didn't take the cold seriously and so I lived maybe a little less.

The SAME THING happens when we don't take ourselves seriously... maybe we live a little less, then too.

Mind you, I am completely against taking ourselves - myself ! - TOO seriously: we all know what boorish behavior that can bring out, and how little FUN tags along!

But there is a fine line, a delicate balance, between taking ourselves TOO seriously... and not seriously enough.


Let's explore how sometimes maybe we humans don't take ourselves seriously ENOUGH...

1 - HEALTH. 'Nuff said. lol How do we take care of our body: the only body we have?

Do we go to the doctor and get rid of it lol, do we eat right, rest more, exercise and DANCE more? Do we SING more? Do we allow ourselves to have FUN, more time off for daydreaming, maybe, or for sex? Or for long walks, preferably in Nature, but long walks anywhere? Is there time for MUSIC? : playing it, listening and dancing, singing along to It? To music. the voice of God? (Yes. even rap lol.)

All of those activities - AND ANYTHING ELSE THAT MAKE US FEEL ALIVE! - INCREASES HEALTH ON ALL LEVELS AND ARE GREAT WAYS TO TAKE OUR BODIES SERIOUSLY. Laughter should def be on that list - so we know taking this lightly is also quite good!

2- WHAT WE DO WITH THE GIFT (our life) IMAGINE, for example, that we have (or had) a dream... maybe since we were a child. Writer (!), singer, actor, astronaut, priest, athlete, superhero... you know what I mean!

Often, life teaches us - gently or not-so-gently! - that these dreams of childhood are unrealistic, that we should put them away, like childhood toys (which i don;t think we should ever really put away if we don;t want to, but that is another blog lol.)

Those dreams do not go quietly into obscurity: they remain in the background, and from time to time send us yearnings, maybe, signs that somewhere deep inside there is still a part of us that WANTS something: something that wants to be expressed.

We can call it the inner child, but i would say it is more; I would go so far as to say that it is our very SOUL knocking on the door, the soul that chose the particular human expression that is US to be the vehicle for the realization of a particular mission: the famous "why" of why am I here?

But even as Soul knocks on the door, we ensure that we don;t answer: our (sage) head repeats ad infinitum that "All That" was just a silly dream, that life is Good Enough, that such-and-such a change would rock the boat we are on which is at least predicable and safe...

And BABY it's cold outside!

A macro version of my yesterday where I chose (free will rocks!) to sit inside safe and warm (and BORED) until my appointed time - not taking the cold seriously... sometimes we live our lives safe and secure, waiting for our "appointed time": warm yes, but maybe a little BORED... all because we maybe at one time or another, haven't taken ourselves seriously.

Maybe we ALL admire those who "do it," right? People who stand out, who rock the boat, people who dare a dream even later in life (Susan Boyle, anyone?) who SURPRISE us with a level of cajones which delight and - for a second - perhaps reawaken OUR sleeping Giants?

Or not. Sometimes such people annoy us, possibly because they nudge at us, don't allow us to let sleeping Giants, er, dogs die... er, lie.

It can be annoying and disturbing when reminders that life is meant to be LIVED come around if we have folded ourselves into whatever mold we deem "should" hold our life until it is time to Go. AIt can be seriously annoying when our choice of security - often made UNconsciously - prickles at our consciousness...

Prickly is not fun!

And yet, we can understand why the Soul does not want to go quietly, right? A Soul, or a Source/God/insert-name-here that loves us and TAKES US AS SERIOUSLY as a Master VIOLINIST would take his/her Stradivarius?

This is not a throwaway life; there is no Mulligan here. Not a dress rehearsal. This is our one-and-only gig as the human being that we are. If we feel we are missing something, we probably are. The "instrument" is programmed to keep at us until we are fulfilled, er having FUN! But sometimes , often, maybe!, we ignore - resolutely! - those prickly moments. Which is why some die with regrets...

You know if this applies to you or not, of course !

You are ALREADY taking your Self seriously and living LARGE if you feel delight in the day (most of them! lol), and open to the wonderful surprises Life brings. If this is the case, likely it is that you are at once taking yourself seriously (LISTENING TO YOUR INTUITION: WHAT YOUR HEART WANTS AND WHAT IT DOES NOT WANT - the program is hidden in heart!)

Basically you already know if you are doing it and LOVIN IT!

We know how "successful" (a new definition!) we are at this life, how aligned with Soul... by HOW MUCH FUN WE ARE HAVING. How fulfilled we feel. How much joy spills out from us into the world.

When we value our life, we have less and less time for activities that are "throwaway time": things we do because the world says we should do it.

When we do something because others say we "should", it is often done without JOY, We betray ourselves and our Soul by NOT taking ourselves or our precious Life seriously. We also give short shrift to the people around us, who deserve better. (Who wants someone to visit them out of obligation or guilt?)

Looking at it this way, in taking ourselves (our obligations, what the world expects of us) TOO seriously, there is also an element of taking our Life LESS seriously, knowing that anything we do out of obligation (like putting away our childhood dreams) is done out of FEAR, not LOVE. Which is definitely a symptom of taking this life TOO seriously, and our Soul, our Selves, not seriously enough.

So today, now that I took the time to write (yay, I love it), I am going to dress warmly to take both the rest of this day and myself more seriously. Or lightly Whatever floats yer boat!

How will you answer the door (ie, have more FUN) today?

Answering the door, with Gratitude - seriously! - from Paris...