Bonjour from Paris!

The weather turned overnight: Saturday's gorgeous sunshiny "can't-stay-inside" day transformed into Sunday morning gray, chill and damp. Paris is beautiful in either, of course, and seems to dress as it suits her.

Suits me, too!

It suits me for two reasons, really...

First, the quiet is welcome after a rigorous day yesterday spent spinning (back to the gym does a body - or this body anyway! - good)...walking all over Paris... topped off by dancing (3 hours of 5 Rhythms.) Like riding a bike uphill, yesterday was a challenge: FUN, but challenging! WHEW!

Second, the Sunday gray is welcome as it brings me into awareness of the silent and still after the boisterous and noisy (especially spin class. The techno has a beat, granted, but yowzer!) Today is about coasting downhill on my banana-seated, streamers-at-the-handlebars-decorated bike (the bike I wanted as a kid.) WHEEEEE!

That's life, isn't it?

Like a great bike ride, a series of WHEWs and WHEEEs, and as balanced as it is (or isn't), every life has a bit of both, non? A new challenge makes us grow (whether we like it or not lol)... and a period of integration (getting used to a new normal) can only happen in a coasting period.

There is a saying that goes that life is like riding a bike: we fall if we stop pedaling. NOT TRUE!

We can stop pedaling and COAST, for example... and enjoy the fruits of our labor, as coasting generally requires prerequisite effort that got us to the top of that hill, or speeding away at that rhythm.

There is also ANOTHER WAY to not pedal (and also not fall! lol): we can do the very interesting but rare work/play of finding an inner balance that allows even a bicycle (worthy vehicle!) to stand still AND upright.

That kind of inner balance comes from stillness and silence, growing out of time spent not running all around Paris (or the Bronx, or wherever on this lovely globe you may find yourself), but from getting to know - REAL WELL - your vehicle. Our bikes with their tires (or physical form) as well as the air in them: both the physical being that we inhabit during this lifetime, and the soul which animates it - more, or less, consciously.

Now THERE is a worthy pursuit for a peace-filled Sunday!

Balance! that's the ticket! Pedal hard (kickbox class woo-hoo!) or coast (a movie, maybe A STAR IS BORN - again! lol), both good for balance on the OUTside. Or maybe starting the day off with some prayer/meditation, cultivating that balance withIN!

Turns out Sunday is an excellent day to be...

Riding a bike... from Paris!