Bonjour from Boen-sur-Lignon, in the hills above the small village where I am holed up for a few days for some R and R... and admin work! lol

It is the out-breath after the in-breath, and though it took me decades, I have learned the importance of it...

It is Sunday here, in the way that Sundays are Sundays in quiet places far from big cities. No hint of human life, just a slight breeze stirring the red roses, and birds chirping in French.


This, a gift, after a very busy week, with my first pre-release book signing, and individual Angel and Reiki sessions, and a REIKI class filling the 5 days prior to my arriving here. Today, happily I will head to Sunday Lunch (I put this in capitals on purpose: this is an Event here, when families gather and eat (well): a fun, light and yet deeply grounding gathering with other folks in a "family" setting. Rarissime for me, and so I am simply delighted.

Just a short while ago, I didn't know this gift was coming my way... I thought I would be headed to Metz to present at a gathering of mediums (medium what? lol). But in the way that things happen, that event got canceled, and this one got set up and ahhhhh... I am not working today!

(Okay, okay, I will be doing a SKYPE session with someone from the US later today... but with a 6-hour time difference, that feels like years away! I am already prepared for it, and so I can let go of that event which won't happen for another 6 hours, and let come what is here in this moment, the gift of the present.)

So I focus on receiving and LET COME... what may. And in so doing, hit upon a real golden nugget: __ Letting COME is so much easier than letting GO! __

Of late, events on the outside have led me to this truth on the inside: if I focus on what is here and coming my way now, I can WAY more easily let GO of what was.

Imagine a situation that is ending, one that is difficult to release (above all if there is uncertainty about what is to come, long-term. Like if one is headed to retirement, or if a relationship or job is ending...

I remember well when the Bank reorganized (every two weeks or so.) It was pure panic in the halls! After surviving many such mini-massacres, the day came when it was my time, and initially I was in a panic: I simply didn't know how to live without that job. It felt like my life was ending. EVEN THOUGH I always knew that that job was not "my place" in the world, and I had never found it fulfilling. I never found the gumption to leave it, and so Life was pushing me out of the nest...

But SURPRISE! Life wasn't ending! In fact, it was kind of just beginning... and the space created allowed me to spread my wings! I am grateful for it today, but was not back then. Hindsight? 20/20!

Similarly, if a relationship comes to an end, we might feel the same panic: it doesn't even have to have been a particularly GOOD relationship: the habit of accompaniment (even poor accompaniment!) is comforting. and when it evaporates (or implodes), it can feel like the end of the world. Which can make us hold on even tighter, in a death grip that does no one any good.

With big changes in life: job or relationship, moving homes or releasing other addictions (smoking, drinking, eating stuff not good for us), often our letting GO can be complicated by a mist of fear around the "cliff" of ending: what will catch me when I fall? how can I let go when this feels like an anchor, a lifeline?

Today I am thinking that maybe the answer (for me, anyway - we can always only speak for ourselves) is to have FUN, and COME WHAT MAY.

Instead of focusing on what might be leaving my daily experience, maybe I can simply focus on what is entering it.

Only if I stop mulling over the past can I be free to see the signs (like so many wink-wink-nudge-nudges from the Universe or the Angels) and gifts that are trying to present themselves to me: now, in this instant! With birds singing in French (I am really cracking me up with that this morning lol)!

Instead of giving myself the hard job of giving something UP, maybe I can cut myself some slack and do the easy focus of RECEIVING what is here right now. If my mind tries to go backward (old habits), I have only to gently re-focus on what sparkle there is in this moment: birds chirping in French hahaha!) to shift my experience from the past to the gift of the present, maybe from empty to, simply, quite full.

When I focus on the magic of the moment, I more easily let go of what had felt an anchor but now only keeps me from swimming freely, in rich Life. As such, I focus on the magic of what may COME (what I say may come, that is, I allow and celebrate it), and dive in and enJOY the water. No more treading water, dutifully!!

And once I dive in, magic! The answer (what a relief!) comes through clearly to that (very reasonable) question: what or who will catch me, "after"?

Like a parent who is asking the child to jump into the pool - knowing the child is going to LOVE it! - the Universe is there, arms wide open, saying, affirming, shouting sometimes (when necessary, so I can hear)... "I GOT YOU!"

Getting "GOT" from Boen-sur-Lignon, come what may...