Pssst- over here!

Bonjour, love, from Paris!

Last night was a late one for me.. oh, not like in the "old days" lol; based on that standard, I would have considered it a very early one!

Non, last night was a late one for the "me" of these times: my train was delayed hours due to storms and trees falling on rails, but I finally got back to the apartment here in Paris and fell into my bed a little before 2am. (I remember a couple of times in New York City going OUT at 2am. lol)


Turns out this also feels a bit like a hangover: body slow on the up-take, stiffness in the muscles: I don't like it! Normally I jump out of bed, ready, but today a heavy foot brings me, unwieldy, though the morning tasks. But my sluggish body is also doing me a favor.

It is slowing me the f**k down!

To be clear, slow does not mean unhappy - oh no! Yesterday was a GINORMOUS day at a Book Expo where I had the great fortune to teach/hold a conference/Angel Party and sign books and meet great people all day long in an amazing medieval space! But to get there, I had to travel: rising before 5am for the train to Nantes and (thank you, Christelle!) a car ride (after a flat tire)... almost 24 hours later, I found my bed anew!

Yowzer again!

So today I will do what needs doing, but at a greatly reduced rhythm. The gym? Unlikely. The stores? Just a quick stop, across the street (I am leaving again tomorrow) ... I will go Sunday morning slow and easy...

...which brings to mind a song, just perfect:

Easy as Sunday morning!

After the tumult of the travels of late... and before the travel tomorrow and the (fun) tumult that will follow, for today, I am easy as Sunday morning. Sacred Sunday silence!

In the song, Lionel Richie sings of the easiness of moving on, forward, knowing one has done all one can... a time of re-filling for living peacefully whatever will come next, our future that whispers, "Pssst- over here!"

Psssst! Over here!

In the quiet of this morning, we can hear it; that "Psssst - over here!" that, in the tumult of everyday life, is not always easy to catch.

Psssst! Over here!

It is the call of the Heart, of the soul, or Who we Are, truly, which is waiting to be more fully expressed.

It is the call of Spirit, of the angels that surround us always but who wait for such special Sunday-morning moments (which sometimes happen on Monday afternoons lol) to call to us, to catch out attention, to reel is INward, into the silence which assures us that no words are necessary.

The easy-as-Sunday-morning moments which allow us to breathe, to recognize that no matter what came before we can RELAX!

All is well!

We are not alone, and the accompaniment that is with us in this very moment - now! - is pure Love. For us. In us. As us.

Whispering, (and when we get quiet enough, we can hear it): "Pssst... over here! Re-member!"

Love and Remembering from Paris...