Good morning, whassup?

The birds (looks like they are turtledoves, wha-a-a-at?), safely tucked away under the air conditioner on my window sill warble freely: must be a NEW day!

A new day begins, a new beginning dawns... and the magic in the air tells me it is time to ... look for my unicorn!

YEAH YOU HEARD ME! (said in true Bronx style lol) Today i am going to look for (and find! my unicorn.

Not an easy task... you see, unicorns are not polite. They don't come running when you call them, they don't answer to a whistle... not even desperate pleas (above ALL, not THOSE!) will convince a unicorn to make an appearance.

Nope... unicorns are not polite. They were not raised (like me... maybe you, too?) to answer emails or phone calls or dinner invitations or "business things", or the myriad other interactions with humans we so often are trained to exercise - even when we don't want to. A conversation with a gossip (okay I don't stick around for those anymore), or respecting a prior commitment when we are not feeling well are examples of things a UNICORN would NEVER do!

As a result, of course, society looks askance at unicorns, going so far as to say they don't exist, affirming (erroneously, yet again, that what is invisible to the eye does not exist... but we can;t see Love, either, can we?

Unicorns are Love; too, but not love with a small "l" that may keep us small and beholden: unicorns are BIG! It is Love with a capital "L" that allows them the space to appear... a Love that ;leaves all free to be themselves.

It makes sense, then, that the world knows little of unicorns! Unicorns respond to Love only,, to the real definition of the word "love": not obligation, not duty, not need, not necessity. Magical beings, they are free to say yes or to say no... which is why when they say YES, it is really something special!! Unicorns can only be seen when they (like a turtle dove singing) feel safe and protected.

Something magical, something extraordinary! And it feels like today might be just such an extraordinary day...

Now there are places (Findhorn - a town name which actually means "unicorn"! - in the North of Scotland, for example) where human have begun to love again enough that unicorns are sometimes seen to roam freely in the forest by the beach... but in most places - even here in the magical part of the Bronx! - well, not so much!

Why is this part of the Bronx magical, you may ask? (Or not, but I am going to answer anyway... my unicorn is already showing up, doing what she pleases! lol)

When we step into our magic, when we awaken in the morning ready to soften and to love, well then, magic happens! When we decide to Live (another capital "L", there!), to chance it, to risk coming out from the deep forest to walk down Broadway, to see and be seen, well! THAT is magical!

I am not talking about the normal running-for-the-bus-while-thinking-of-five-other-things thing, but of a walk while staying put: keeping our unicorn presents, walking (perhaps) sedately beside us.

But we have to feel safe for that to happen.

If we have the great fortune to be in the company of the unicorn within us, we need to ensure that the environment will be safe for him/her: no allowing folks to poke and prod the gentle beast, lest the magic disappear. We know the things and events and people who nnurture our magic... and those who don';t. If we want to bring out the unicorn magic into life, it is important to ensure its well-being. Or *POOF* gone.

like Love.

In a "dangerous" situation, one that deflates our energy, the unicorn might be scared off, yes... or maybe it is the pokers and prodders who may be scared off: the curious-but-not-courageous, those who wish but do not dare...

But that's okay! Unicorns roam free, and this is not a terrain fit for all!

When we find the unicorn, the turtle doves come, and the warm sunlight, and a quiet is cast upon even the noisiest of corners. Then, instead of feeling cornered by life (holding our breath), we can simply breathe OUT, and LET GO, knowing we are always perfectly safe, no matter what shi(f)t is happening.

The unicorn may frighten but it is all for the best. She is our strength, yes, but also our tenderness, and our capacity for magical LIFE! The beauty of it is that unicorns attract worthy playmates: other magical beings not afraid to explore the quiet of a Bronx Monday morning to find the magic hidden right under the surface...

(Check out their eyes! ;-) )

So, magical today is a big day, enjoy...

Unicorns everywhere, from the Bronx...