Yo, whassup ? ;-)

Okay, okay, a simple good morning might be more authentic coming from me, but I am in the Boogie Down - er, the Bronx - and so thought it might be appropriate to start off at peace with this place where I awaken.

Yesterday was a busy day - like every day since my arrival Wednesday (not Monday as planned thank you to la belle France who knows how to throw a strike!)

Thank you (an not an ironic one this time lol) also to all who contributed to the nesting that is going on here, with furniture, brawn and heavy lifting (Ryan, Adam, Gene), the truck rental, pizza (can't do anything without pizza! lol) and general oversight, help with wood glue (which I learn is a thing lol) and light lifting (Anna and Tom, Maria)... the job got done!


The shifting occurs, and then the settling in. Which is where I am now.

PEACE only follows THAT.

So the settling in begins... cable (Optimum, thank for your input, those who inputted lol) got set up and my settling in (how to deal with too many channels!) is just beginning... additionally, on the "tech" front, the new mobile is here and my learning how to work it, also just beginning... SHIT! I don't know how to do any of this! lol

On the physical front, there is now furniture here but odds and ends to find, and the decorating now begins: making of this place, MY place. The shift occurs, then the settling in, the owning of it.

And with that owning of it, the peace. A perfect day for it, as today is EARTH DAY.

Peace on Earth!

We hear it, ubiquitous, during the holiday season, but since today is Earth Day, what better day, or better way to wish - for our planet and all who are part of her (including US!) - peace.

SADLY, though, wishing is one thing, and making it so, quite another, wouldn't you agree?

So how can I impact (positively!) this GI-NORMOUS wish of mine, "Peace on earth!" ?

Well, maybe first realizing that I am (we are) not separate from the Earth, but a part of her, a part of earth's eco-system.

The moment we as souls accepted (yes "We" had a choice, even if "we" didn't lol) to come into the world to play the Game of Life this go-round as the people we are today - the moment we took on flesh and blood and sinew and bone - we became part of the Earth, which includes all of it: people and plants and everything that is physically, materially existent. Like us. ;-)

Once I "get" that, it is not a long walk to understand that if I wish for Peace on Earth (and I do), the most direct route to bring it about - a helluva starting point! - is to cultivate peace in myself: recognize the shifts that have occurred, and ARE occurring, and settle into them, make peace with them.

The shifting is going on - the tumult. We see it all around, non? Most people I meet are personally going through some... er, shall we say tumult instead of the word that wants me to type it (shit-shit-SHIT lol)... and we can see that the earth too, is fighting the good fight (floods, fire, snow, earthquakes...

Additionally, can we help but notice that our socio-economic structures are also shifting and there is not a small amount of fear and its ugly-pimple cousin, hate (fear is the root, hate the pus) flying around, virtually and in "real" life....

Shit shit SHIT!!

AH, but what is fertilizer if not good for the earth ... and SHIT ?

So, imagining that all of the shit - personal and collective - is occurring for a reason! Maybe to render more fertile the life that will emerge of these turbulent times?

If that is the case (and I feel it so deeply every cell shouts encouragement), then the BEST thing I can do to help the earth is to 1. accept the shifting that is happening (inside and out) and settle into it. Get PEACEful with it.

Hell maybe even PLAY with it, have some FUN with it! Why not?

If I believe as I begin it that my day is going to suck, well, then, guess what?

But if I begin a day - THIS Earth Day, for example, ready for the day to bring with it major gifts (and I see one event I was dreading is actually a gift, now, whew!), well, then, GUESS WHAT?!!!

So what solid steps can I take today to settle into my shifting (Paris to the Bronx, more travels behind it, new professional projects (oracle cards with Sandra San Tara! and the US publishing of my books) ... knowing that even "good " changes can disrupt our peace, like so much fertilizer that feels like shit?

1. Embrace what IS, no use swimming upstream (and I know where I am being led is better for me than where I wanted to swim lol)

2. Remember when the shit hits the fan, that a sense of humor animates the Universe and so I should allow it to animate me (more) too

3. Through it all, don't forget to have FUN!

Yeah, I can get peaceful around some FUN. :-)

SO, in alignment with that, (and with deep breathing exercise that help me to face anything) HERE IT GOES:

My wish for you (and for me!!! this day is PEACE ON EARTH! And maybe also...

...FUN on Earth Day from the Boogie Down...