Bonjour from gray and rainy (quelle surprise) Paris!

As elsewhere, the Spring has not yet sprung here in Paris, leaving lovers come to celebrate April in Paris, well, soggy.

But no matter! What happens OUTSIDE doesn't affect what happens INSIDE, right?


Okay maybe not so much. I remember in my twenties working in "The City" of London with the Bank one winter. Every day, rain and more rain. For weeks. Then, one blessed day... the SUN came out!!!

EVERYONE was smiling! In the street, in the office, EVERYONE was VERY apparently (positively) impacted by the sun coming out.... which led me to make a somewhat snide comment to my English colleagues that they were all behaving like a bunch of Americans! (They had before that made indictment of Americans as too happy, kind of like puppies. But the reality was simply, I pointed out, that they weren't getting enough Vitamin "D"elight, in the form of sunshine. I guess I showed them)

So, what?? So... we know the weather affects us. Of course it does. And not just the meterological kind. The weather around us, the ambiance, the attitudes and energy of the people with whom we are surrounded, "whether" they are positive or negative: all of it impacts us.

And it will continue to do so. Unless and until we take over the vehicle.


Exactly! huh?

How often do we ask whence a funk that grabs us by the toe is actually coming? How often do we, with a simple "Huh? Where did THAT come from?", identify the variables (rain, sleet, hail, Kelly, Rob, Donald) that are raining on our parade - commandeering our vehicle?

Imagine that our body - composed of many levels (physical, mental, emotional, energetic) - is simply the VEHICLE that our soul chose to drive in this lifetime. It's our vehicle, and meant to last a lifetime. It was conceived of and created specifically to optimize the chances for our success: the realization of the purpose to which we were born, for which our soul decided (yes, decided!) to come alive, thanks to the Creator/Creation.

Bear with me, now...

Imagine further that we have a mission (each of us), but that no one ever told us that we have a mission. (I know that was true for me. maybe for you, too?) So how can we guide our vehicle to the destination when we don't know where that destination is?

Confounding this, we live in a world that commandeers our vehicle regularly: we can (maybe often) feel like we have no choice. GOTTA go to school, to work, to church, to war, to fulfill this or that social obligation... The dastardly "shoulds" and "gottas" that commandeer our vehicles from the beginning.

The commandeering of our vehicles begins at such an early age that sometimes we never even have the opportunity to take over the vehicle ourselves. To enjoy the riding of it!

From obligation to obligation and so unto death we go... with hopefully some splattering of fun in there, at least enough to be the sugar that makes the medicine go down!

But maybe - and I am thinking out loud for myself, mainly, here - if I can just sit comfortably in my vehicle, take back the ownership of it, maybe that balance could shift to a lifetime of joy speckled with obligation. And at that, obligations that don't seem like obligations anymore because Spirit has re-awakened in us and we are having FUN again!

How to take back the vehicle? here are some ideas I think I will try out, but basically it comes down to one truth.


1. Spend time with people who are uplifting (generally, positive people.) This means also avoiding the folks who will bring us down. It is easy to find nay-sayers: recognizing and valuing our cheerleaders is the key.

2. Invest in your vehicle. Imagine you had a Ferrari, would you leave it parked on Dykman street by the river? (Some of you know whereof I speak lol.) Would you let it go, never washing or waxing? Giving it cheap gas, or too little care? (And then, be surprised when it gets ill or stalls on you?)

Another example, if you are not a car person (I don't have one, personally), imagine that you are a violinist and you have a Stradivarius. A masterpiece which seems to have been created in the heavens! Just like your instrument! If you had such a violin, would you "let it go", letting anyone who asked use it?


Similarly, sacred, our vehicles, our instruments are to be maintained with the utmost care and honor. (DO WE HONOR OUR BODIES?)

3. Let go of what is no longer good enough. Let go even of the phrase "good enough." "Good enough" is settling, and when we settle, everything is pulled down: we give away our instrument. Maybe to someone who doesn't even know how to play it.

4. Rest: Take time apart. Let your vehicle idle. Never good to run at top speed all the time.

5. Rest: Find beautiful places to simply be, sometimes. Harsh roads all the time does not make for long life. (RIP Dave.) <3

6. Rest: From the rules. Let your vehicle do simply what it goddam well wants to, sometimes lol.

7. Go into nature, exercise, breathe deeply, dance, play, sex, sing, laugh (big belly laughs!)... enJOY your vehicle to keep it running at a high level for a long time... eternally! <3


Voilà! Some ideas for stepping back into our power, for taking back "the vehicle" we are graced with in this lifetime.

SURE, sure, I have heard the only "let go and let GOD" adage, and am in complete agreement with it. But not INSTEAD of stepping into our power, but along with it!

Before I can let GO, I have to be in possession of something to let GO of. I have to take back my vehicle from the world that commandeered it, and STEP INTO MY POWER, loving the vehicle I get to move through this world in, this go-round.

In this way, I assure the optimum performance (JOY!) of the instrument called "Kathryn" as I, curious and no longer burdened by the heaviness of the world and its obligations, can enter joyfully and consciously into Collaboration.

So today, before I start running again tomorrow, today I will be...

...TAKING CARE OF THE BODY from Paris...