Mornin' y'all!

It is an ethereal morning here on the beach: beyond the dunes, there is... nothing!

Pure white, like the televisions screens of yore after midnight (if you know what i mean, you are old too. So glad to still be alive 'n' kickin!)

But seriously, there is nothing beyond the dunes... nothing visible to the eye, anyway.

With the fog that sits on the beach waiting to hear the sand cry "Uncle!", no life is discernible: land and sea both swallowed up in white: the kind that makes you squint to try to see, but nothing works. The horizon between land and sky, the whole of the earth beyond, melted away in some giant magic trick.


It IS beautiful, but also disconcerting, as we humans (okay, I can only speak for myself), rather, I like to feel like I am in control. But when the world disappears, I am not in control, and so the eerie beauty holds a tinge of discomfort.

I should be used to it!

It's long since I ceded control (which is an illusion anyway), to allow for the magic of grace to guide my comings and goings. But the sight of the world gone not mad, but just GONE this morning reminds me that no matter how long it has been, part of me would still like to crawl, not often but sometimes, under a rock. Even a heavy one. Just to gain some semblance of stability, of something solid.

I have visibility for oh, about the next three months of my existence: where I will be, what work I will be doing, and then nothing. Oh, maybe some silhouettes in the distance, lovely ones of Martinique, Guadeloupe, Tahiti, New Caledonia... but these are forms not yet solidified, work not yet confirmed, still in the planning stages.

And though my situation is admittedly a bit extreme, isn;t that the way for all of us, to a degree?

We think we know what will happen this year - hell, this DAY! - but then something surprising occurs. Life throws us a curve ball. One that we so often judge as being "good" or "bad." A variation from our "plan"... just about every day.

How we behave when those curve balls come is a measure of how comfortable we are in our skin, in our life. How confirdent we are that - even when we can't see the beach or the future - we know it is there. Everything is out there.

And it's gonna be good... because things generally turn out BETTER when I don;t try to control them... not worse. And the dimension to my life - to Life as a whole - which is invisible is far greater than we were ever taught... a Source of great comfort once we learn to relax and breathe in that Presence.

That Presence that has everything under control. As long as we can relax and go with that flow.

Whooosh! from Emerald Isle...