Mornin' y'all!

The weather here this morning makes waiting on the sun a fruitless exercise so instead I write a little, keen to write something that isn't my second book (THE ANGELS MADE ME DO IT), which is well on the way to finished, but all-absorbing. Or almost.

Just for a quick moment, I seek a little quiet time (which is what writing like this is, for me) to look forward: to the day, to the week, to the year. But mostly to the day.

And definitely NOT to look backward!

A story has been running through my mind, a story from the Old testament, the story of Lot fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah with his family. It has been running through my mind of late and this morning, it is insistent.

Actually, not the whole story: I just read Genesis 19 to recall the whole story. The only part of the story that has been running through my mind these last days is this part :

But Lot’s wife, behind him, looked back, and she became ja pillar of salt. >

Lot was graced with an Angelic visit... not one but TWO Angels came to see him and tell him to leave the city, which was to be destroyed, and Lot (no fool!) took their advice to heart, gathered his loved ones as he could, and left.

Lot and his daughters, and his wife left in a hurry, heading to their salvation, where they would be safe. Where they would be alive. They were running toward their future, focused on safety and life, a gift of grace.

That is, except his wife. She made the fatal error of looking back. And was turned to salt for her trouble.

A couple of things pop out: how I am glad God doesn't decimate cities for being dens of iniquity anymore (I guess we have taken on that role.)

But the most salient part of the story for me is what happened to Lot's wife: a freakin' pillar of salt? Really? Just for looking back??

Though I guess with fire and brimstone at my heels, I might not take a moment to look back, I can certainly understand her desire to do so: her whole life was back there. And even if it wasn't the greatest place to live (it being Sodom and Gomorrah and all), it had been her home. So she looked back...

WOW. My gut screams, "That's not fair! It is a natural human instinct to look back!"

And maybe it is. But apparently, it can also kill, that looking back...

Now the idea is that Lot's wife (who apparently shall remain nameless) did not just sneak a peek, but she stopped. She stopped following the guidance of the Angels to safety and the promise of new life. And with regret, she looked back...

... and it killed her.

Thankfully, that is not what happens when we look back, at least it hasn't happened to me: no pillar of salt here! We are not punished when we rue the past, eschewing the future.

Or are we?

Wow... we are!

Any time I accord to the past, I steal away my life, from this day, this week, this year. Laden with the burden of the past, I have no freedom to enjoy the present: my hands and my heart are full. There is no room for the magic of divine intervention, of the fullness of magical LIFE... which can only happen if I keep on moving forward to it, staying fully present.


I can rue or regret... or I can live!

Ruing or regretting - the fateful "woulda coulda shouldas" - takes me right OUT of the life that is mine to live today. And if I am not present to it, my life indeed will become dry and lifeless, like a pillar of salt.

Can we compare the pillar of salt to depression, perhaps? Motionless, dry, lifeless, still? Stuck in one place and seemingly alone? Maybe...

All I know is that as this year begins (and HOW is it already January 23, I ask you?), I am decided to look ahead with curiosity and fresh eyes - no salt! - focused on what surprises lie ahead.

With Lot and the rest of his family, I run forward allowing the past to stay in the past, knowing that the only LIFE that is possible is what is on the path ahead... and that the Angels will prepare the road (not taken) as we go along.

How do I dare say that? how do I know?

Well, when we invite angelic assistance into every day, magic happens! Experience has taight me that (I was a stubborn learner, at first.) But when I pass the burden of how things get done over to them, magic happens! Like a (French) publisher finding me even before I finished my first book. Not small miracles - BIG ones!!

Angels travel the road not taken. And we can go along if we don't look back:

"And knowing how way leads onto way, I doubted that I should ever come back... Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I I took the one less travelled-by and that has made all the difference."

(Frost, "The Road Not Taken")

No Salt!

Love from Emerald Isle...