Hey whassup?

Yep, I am back in the US and, upon discovering what my beloved Giants have been getting up to, am working actively to avoid a case of the New York BLUES. (Giant blues that is!)

As I was looking out at the morning dawning today, I had a thought.

There are thoughts and then there are thoughts, non?

This was one of THOSE thoughts... you know, the kind that rises unbidden, the kind that shakes things up a bit.

Not at all like those OTHER thoughts, the banal kind, the kid that steal the quiet from my mind and heart, the worrying or "worrying at" kind that "busy" up my head and clutter the access to my soul...

No this wasn't THAT kind at all!

This was the kind of thought that is not very loud... maybe ever-present, but only hear-able when I get very quiet, like the quiet that happens when I am exhausted. This kind of thought is not "of" me but "for" me... the kind of long-pass-into-the-end-zone thought that only happens when I "go deep."

When THIS kind of thought shows up, I pay attention.

"Alright already! What WAS it?" You may ask (or not lol.)

This is what it was... it dawned on me today that when things are too busy, when the world has crowded IN so much that my soul seems to be crowded OUT... it is time to go deep. It dawned on me that THIS is such time.

Time to go deep into the end zone. No safe run here, no looking to the next few yards. It is time for a lonnnnnng run, deep into defended territory... going for the gold.

Why defended territory?

When I/we decide to go deep, it seems as if the world (and our worrying thoughts) try to block us, knock us down, drag us out of bounds, far from the goal.

During this season there is a lot of that going on.

During this season, certainly, but really whenever things get too crowded and too rushed, the suggestions came to me that taking time to go deep will not only help me find the peace (the kind that passeth understanding, but also just some damn calm, thankyouverymuch!) BUT ALSO help me to be MORE efficient and effective. taking that time to go deep does not block me from getting things done, it will help me to do the important tasks with more presence and thus, do them more efficiently.

I have come home to the US to write my second book... the contract is already in my possession and I have committed to hand the manuscript over to the (French) publisher in early January. Part of me wants to panic! especially because at the same time, I will be re-doing my NY apartment as my renter moves out AND having the deck done in NC so renters there will enjoy a new outdoor space...

Plus my exhausted behind just crawled up on the shores of this land-is-your-land, yearning to be free, and needing a rest after too many miles and too much excitement. That message came this morning, then, at JUST THE RIGHT TIME (as THOSE kind of thoughts tend to do)...

So here's the dealio: I will take that thought, that guidance (as those kind of thoughts really are) and run with it.

That is to say, I will STOP running.

And before I start writing, before I get to handling everything there is to handle, managing everything there is to manage, and doing everything there is to do... I will GO DEEP.

DEEP is where I will be refreshed and nourished and readied for all that is to come. Joys and battles, beginnings and endings, first downs and turnovers and touchdowns alike. .

I GO DEEP... mentally, physically, emotionally, all of it, spiritually. Silence and working out and singing and chanting and writing... whatever it takes to do (or not do) to find that rich Presence in the silence within.

In a season when the noise and lights, the hubbub and commercialism distracts and sometimes sidelines us... I breathe and decide to listen to that still small voice within...

Going deep in the USA...