How is it 7:30am and still dark as night here in Paris? Ah, winter (almost)!

Though dark, the neighborhood is a-buzz with activity: trucks delivering goods to the Carrefour Market across the street, folks hurrying along the streets to the métro or the bus stop, or scurrying across the Mirabeau Bridge, whose trumpeters are still illumined by the night spotlights.

Inside as well as outside, the scurrying is all-pervasive as I select seats for my flights tomorrow (EI, here I come!) and do all the last-minute doing that is necessary when you will leave one place for another for a goodly amount of time.

Even though I have this habit and so am accustomed, so many elements have to come under consideration for the thing to flow well that (once again!) I rue the absence in my life of a certain Kris who supported me administratively when I was last a banker (you know who you are!) lol

But yearning for the past is fruitless, useless, so I put my big-girl pants on and get on with it.

This morning I did something BIG.

Yeah, yeah I know, not BIG for many... but it was (and IS) BIG for me.

I got a message about upgrading on my 9+hour flight from Paris to the US from scrunched economy to one of those Business bed-thingys for not much money... and I TOOK IT!!

I have been walking past business class seats on flights innumerable since... well since I left "business". And each time, my heart tugs just a wee bit, even if with my height (or lack thereof), the "cheap seats" are really sufficient for me.

If I were still at the bank, I would be accorded "Business" because of the length of the journey, in an effort to see to it that i would be reasonably fit upon arrival to get to work. It dawned on me this morning that THEY ARE RIGHT ABOUT THAT. yesterday, I committed to the publisher here to deliver my second book (TAKE ACTION WITH THE ANGELS) by the end of December so it will be important that I hit the ground running... er, writing... and not exhausted.

So when I saw that a business upgrade was definitely within my financial reach for the first time in... well, ever!... I hesitated just long enough to see that the four places were disappearing quickly (!) before taking the leap and GRABBING ONE!

YAY! Tomorrow I fly in comfort!

After my recent 40+ hours of flying LAST WEEK in the cheap seats from Bora Bora (I know, I get it - no violins for me lol) to Nouméa, New Caledonia and then to Osaka, Japan through to Paris, I have been even dragging my feet about heading stateside, not wanting to get on another friggin' plane.


You may be aware (or not lol) that I speak pretty often about the energetic TRUTH (!) that the Universe gives us what we give ourselves... that is to say, how we treat ourselves is how Life will treat us. So if we are skimping with ourselves we may see Life skimping with us.

My youth in a big family 6th-floor Bronx walk-up trained me to be a little skimpy with myself, but with this grand gesture (GRAND GESTURES count!), I am changing the Game and raising the level, going all LORÉAL on myself "Because I am worth it."

For if WE do not think we are "worth it" - whatever "it" is: organic food, free time, travel, love, exercise, fresh air, sex, etcetera - who will?

The Universe takes its cue from us... and in whatever small way we can indicate to the Universe that we are ready for more ease and joy, the Response will be immediate.

From a Christian/biblical context, this resonates with the idea that "our Father's house has many rooms": all that we need.

All of this in mind, today I continue on the biblical theme, and start with the Prayer of Jabez: "Lord, bless me indeed, and enlarge my territories. Keep your hand upon me and keep me from evil."

Yeah, that. :-)

That which reminds us that niggardliness is not next to godliness, despite popular opinion.

And underlines the truth (!) that the more I honor my life, the more Life will support me in this movement of grace and reaching toward a "Father" whose house has many many rooms.

So as I pack, I also pack it in. I close out the past where I accepted less, where I did not honor the temple I inhabit, body soul and spirit... the temple I was given, the temple where the Divine is always present but (up until now), not always recognized, honored, revered.

This does not mean I will always fly business... but when i am tired, I may well do just that. Above all, it means that i will pay attention and cease the settling for less that was put in place many years ago, and which has set the bar too low in so many areas of life.

Yep. Packing it in, traveling LIGHT and traveling WELL, heading to the beach. The greatest honoring of all, for this pilgrim.

How will YOU honor you today?

Gratitude from Paris...