Paris is chill and rainy (surprise !) but in my heart it's sunny because I am off today... mostly sunny, mostly off. ;-)

The first day off in eight straight, I have a bit of "me" time, though within the hours of this day, there will be a web-tv interview about my book, a blog (this one, silly! lol), the bank - post office - and printers, and the beginnings of the prep work for 6 weeks of travel for work in the South Pacific, (Nouméa then Tahiti. I know, no sympathy, right?) ;-)

As a rule, I never pack this early... I don't leave for French Polynesia 'til Sunday. But (never say never) as I will be working every day AFTER today until Sunday, this is THE day to get the lion's share done...

Now, you can understand, I imagine, that this morning, after 8 days straight of working (even though I love love LOVE teaching), when it was time to get up and get moving, within me there was a wee "awwwww" that one could could easily construe as a "no."

But YES!

Of course there are times when that wee voice (or a big booming one lol) disagrees: when it whispers, states or screams NO! Non? ;-)

Things happen that we don't much like. Alarms go off, real or metaphorical, and we realize that it is time to move on, to move forward... such moments are often accompanied by a "no." Even if it is a delicious and delightful moving forward towards something good like this morning's massage, or Tahiti) or a positive moving forward away from what was maybe not the best situation but our comfortable habit, that pesky NO will tend to rear its ugly head.

But YES!

Richard Rohr (who I would love to meet one day) suggests something to the effect that when that "no" rears its not very pretty visage, we should pray long enough until the NO turns into a YES... until our clinging to what was, and our resistance to what IS releases softly, allowing us to be at ease and peace (and maybe even enthused!) with what will be.


It happens is small moments, like the tears when my students left yesterday... we had such an amazing workshop time together, no one wanted it to end. But without the leaving they would not go out into the world to teach... and I was SO proud and happy to sign their REIKI Master certificates, knowing they will do GOOD in the world. Though the time was lovely, it was Time to GO...

Not NO - YES!

Life is improv, and as any good improviser will tell you, the key to good playing is the YES. No NOs allowed!

the key to ALL good playing, I think... yes coach i can try shortstop... yes boss I can head up that team... yes Tahiti, I will come teach the next time I am in Nouméa... yes, good idea I will try that new gym... why yes, I would love to go for a coffee (Or hot chocolate. I don't drink coffee. But yes.)

Ah yes yes yes yes YES!!

The moment we get into the flow of YES, life takes us for the great ride we maybe have been waiting for all along... but didn't underpin our lives with the necessary YESes; all too often, the world teaches us to say NO.

So as we move forward (IF we choose to move forward in our lives), the idea is that we enter (more fully and consciously) into IMPROVISATION with the Universe... with the Angels... with God... (insert the word you like for that Presence that you KNOW you have felt at some point in your life, when the eyes filled with tears for no reason other than the beauty of the moment. (Yes even you "tough guys".) In those moments, the yes comes more easily...

Yes yes yes OH YES!

Whatever it was that was yesterday is no longer today.

Today is a new slate, and anything is possible. If we are game, everything can change ... for the better. The Universe wants what is best for us. We may have to work for it, maybe have to leave our comfort zones though, or let go of what we thought we wanted...Hard to believe, sometimes, non?

But YES!

From the perspective of today, all past great hurts turned out to be for the best. ("Whew! That bullet just missed me! Or if that hadn't happened, I wouldn't be here...")

Yet sometimes that YES may seems miles away... or perhaps, like today for me, just a bit stuck. Which is why Rohr suggests prayer. Prayer, a conversation. Maybe something like...

A PRAYER FOR A YES (aka A Little Help Here?

Hey Lord?

I know You see what's up with me these days.

You know how grateful I am for all the (so much!) good that is in my life, swirling around me... really, geez, thank You!

But I know You ALSO see the other stuff. The painful stuff.
What happens when I hold on too tight to what was, when I just can;t seem to let go...

Dear Lord, best and truest Friend,
I am having some trouble getting to my YES right now.

You know I wouldn't ask if I could get there myself... (I can be stubborn that way lol.)
But just for today
It feels like I need You to get me going, along the road that I know is rising to meet me.

So YES, I am asking:
A little help, here?

Thanks and Love, (so much!), from Paris...