Bonjour, good morning!

The day dawns gently, still, only to be shattered by deliveries to the supermarket across the way: CRASH! BOOM! BANG! I have the feeling of being inside an old Batman show (only the truly - er - ripened (ha!) will understand the reference perhaps.)

Notwithstanding the noise, nothing will disturb the stillness of the morning, as it is my choice how today will go... and I say it will go forward softly.

There are days, sure, when I RUN forward into the day... today is not one of them.

We need both, of course; we need to listen to the distinct rhythm of our being, and to allow that rhythm to set the day in motion: fast or slow, hard or soft.

Today is (whispering) soft.

Not that it won't be busy; it will. Lots to accomplish, much work to do and travel to organize... but before any of that happens, I step into the stillness and ensure that my day begins softly, with a prayer...

Dear, dear Lord...
The day begins and I turn my mind and heart toward You.
You know well the need for wilderness, for coming away from the world.
Today Lord, I feel that need and yet the day is full of steps to take...

Earnest, I turn to You for help.
Help me to remain focused on YOU this day through it all.
Stay my hand, my heart, and my mind, aligned ever with YOU -
that in You I find that peaceful haven that always fills, never depletes.

Thus filled, I can turn to the duties of this day and all days
stayed in Your Presence
allowing the shining of that Light the long of the day
shining with gratitude and love for You.

Can I get a (very soft) AMEN! from Paris...