The summer has certainly begun (feels like forever already), and the fireworks of the 4th of July have cleared the way for the dog days of summer...

How will you celebrate it?

Celebrate it?

Yes, celebrate it!

This summer is a special one, after all... it's the only one you've got!

Wait a minute, hold on, don't getcher panties in a twist!

I am NOT saying you will kick the pail between now and summer 2018. Not saying that at all!

Well, not so much...

Let me explain: PAST summers are gone, long gone, some of them! And the further distant they are sometimes the further nostalgic we are about them (and sometimes the further we re-write history and create of the doldrum days of yore, the GOLDEN days or yore.

But I (as is my wont) digress...

When I say that this is the only summer we have, I mean that those past summers are finito. Kaput. Gonnnnnne.

And as for the future summers? Well, even if we DO make it that far into the future (and okay, okay, you likely will... probably lol), we have no control over any of them. They come or we go before they arrive... no control. They come and we enjoy them, or not... NO CONTROL!

We cannot live those future summers from where we are sitting here and now. Can't do it!

So we have ONE option: to live the summer that is staring us in the face.

Now here we DO have some control (even if sometimes it feels like we don't.)

We can DECIDE TO enJOY the summer - that is, to fill each day of our summer with JOY (and not just the ones where we are off from work lol).

If we DON'T decide, if we DON'T step into a stance of power over our summer, well then, we are setting ourselves up for something that might seem a sight less than JOYful.

HOW do we go about assuring our summertime is JOYful, you may ask (I would!)?


If we want to be "over the moon" delighted about our lives (either this day, this summer, or this year), we have to allow ourselves to AIM HIGH - as high as we can!

And if something lands on our boat that is NOT at the level of that of which we dare dream, well then (gulp!!)... throw it back.

Sure, well, many a head will yell and scream at us, hurling invectives maybe, giving us a talking-to, to whit: "This may be the best that comes along!" ... or ... "You may never get another chance!" Or the perennial (and deadly) "Something is better than nothing!"


Because we have ONE life! This is no dress rehearsal! And an almost-ran is an almost-lived!!

If we settle for second best, it should be no surprise at the end of life if we have some misgivings and regret... because a life of second bests was NOT meant for us.

Our hopes are linked to the highest version that this lifetime can be. We are never given a wish without also being given the capacity to make it come true.

Wishes - BIG ONES! - DO come true.

But like fishes, they cannot jump into a boat that is already full of second-best catfish...

Gone fishin' from the Bronx...