This morning, as the sun fights for a spot between the clouds, I begin the day with a prayer... you can read it if you like... :-)

-k. hudson

Dear Lord, my Heart,
Today, please fold me up in your loving arms,
Hold my tender heart close to yours, Sacred
Fill me with the light of Your love and peace.

Today (more than most days), I need You, Lord.

You know here on earth there are days like this.
And I know that if today I do not take this time with You
I will have no chance at all to see You all day, in all that is:
In the events and people and surroundings of this day.

So to begin this day, fill me with Your Light, Lord, with your Love,
So I can see that Light and Love wherever I go
So I can carry that Light and Love wherever i go
To wherever and to whomever you place on my path today

Thank YOU!

Light and Love from Paris...