Delighted, I am being regaled at this instant by birds chirping outside and for a moment, no trucks delivering anything to the supermarket across the street, what luck! I close my eyes and I could be anywhere (as if Paris were not good enough...)

At such moments, it seems to me that by grace, the elevator of life just takes me UP. A surprise, a moment or two out of time, where there is a gift to be had, if I am present enough to receive the present.

Yes, that elevator idea has me intrigued this morning...

If I can imagine my life as an elevator ride - some floors more fun than others! - but a ride, nonetheless, an exercize which will eventually bring me exactly where I am meant to go.

I remember visiting my paternal grandmother, a very strict woman, in the Inwood section of Manhattan when I was a child. We would be bade sit on chairs covered in hard plastic and admonished not to move (not to sneak into her room for example and use her soft soft hairbrush! OH! Certainly not! lol)...

We were meant to sit quietly while she chatted over coffee with my father in the kitchen, the two of them smoking up a storm. I was just as happy not to go in there, so when it was time and I was called into the smoky room to talk with her about school, I didn't really want to go. Nana had tobacco-stained teeth rimmed with a glaring pink lipstick (probably why I didn't want to wear makeup when i was younger, now that I think of it.)

But the best part of the trip was when I left the kitchen interview, I passed the door of the apartment, and sometimes would be allowed to leave for a little while...

JOY and celebration!

Now, there was a small elevator just to the right of her first-floor apartment, and I was strictly forbidden to go near it. So, naturally I went straight to it on more than one occasion, delighting in both the taboo of it and the riding it up and down. (There was no elevator to take us so graciously to our own 6th-floor walk-up apartment.)

So, I guess you can tell I like elevators, huh? lol

I even enjoy riding the elevator in this building (they have one elevator for even-numbered floors, and one for odd-numbered floors, what fun!) though I only live on the second floor and I could easily walk it. But no, for the most part, I take the elevator whenever I can and enjoy that childhood pleasure.

Similarly, with the birds singing this morning, my elevator goes UP.

But our elevators don't always go UP, do they?

Sometimes they go down. Sometimes sometimes, maybe, someone else gets on our elevator and takes us DOWN with them, non?

Or sometimes we press the button to go all the way down to the basement ourselves, non ?

The ups and downs of life are well documented... but what interests me most is that WE HAVE ACCESS TO THE BUTTONS.

Sure, sometimes life can push our buttons and we start heading DOWN... but HEY! I have access to all the buttons all the time, don't I?

So no matter where my elevator is headed at this moment (hovering up in the sky with the wingèd ones, maybe?), I know I can always come down to earth to get stuff done...

Or, if ever the vagaries of life or humanity start to send my elevator down, I can rest easy, knowing that I have access to all the buttons, so what goes down, will most definitely come UP.

But what are those buttons, really?

True there is no easily discernible elevator panel in front of me. Yet I know the buttons to push to get that "lift" (love the England-English word for elevator, don't you?) Our buttons are individual, and it is good to recognize what they are...

Some of my own buttons are working out or dancing (love to move my body!), listening to music (live music is is better), walking in Nature... meditation and prayer... singing... writing (ahem).

And the more I ensure that each day I get to do at least some of these things, the more I ensure my elevator brings me to the heights where I can see more clearly the amazing ride that this is, this Life.


I just have to fill my day pushing as many of my UP buttons as I can... especially when the world seems to want my elevator to head "down".

How 'bout you? What are your UP buttons?

With those beautiful buttons in mind, wanna take a ride with me?

Because today, I will definitely be...

Going UP from Paris...