Bonjour !

Back in Paris finally after a lot of travelling and grabbing just a couple of minutes for myself to write this incredible story so I'LL never forget it...

Sunday morning, I was walking up a very big hill (Saint-Étienne is known as the city of seven hills) to the place where I was teaching day two of the ANGELIC CO-CREATION workshop.

It was quiet, as France is in general on Sunday mornings, and I was alone on the street of the residential neighborhood where I would be teaching in a space called LA VIE EST BELLE. (Which is why I bought the perfume of the same name at the airport on my way back to France. I don't believe in coincidences, and it seemed rather another wink-wink, nudge-nudge from the Angels.)

But I digress.

As I walked up the hill, above me, on my route, I perceived a jerky movement of some sort.

Approaching, I saw it was a black bird who was hurt. He wasn't able to fly; there seemed to be a bend in his body that was keeping him ground-ridden.

As I approached, I slowly first walked past him, feeling into whether I was supposed to mess with the situation or not. (Sometimes the answer is not.)

But not this time. I heard the song (one of my talisman songs) :''

"Blackbird singing in the dead of night... take this broken wing and learn to fly.
You were only waiting for this moment to arrive...Blackbird, FLY!"''

I doubled back and approached gently, assuring the little guy that he was in good hands... so he let me pick him up.

I used just one finger to straighten what was awry, and then held him in my hands, doing some Reiki on him.

The thought occurred to me to bring him into our workshop circle for further healing, but - while I could see him in my mind's eye with us - it was clear to me somehow that I was not supposed to bring him inside. (Emphasis on "I".)

I wished him well, placed him gently in a nook next to a building so he wouldn't be downtrodden when the humans finally stirred, and went on my way.

After preparing the workshop space for the day, I went out to the kitchen, where I saw one of the workshop attendees, Françoise. When I greeted her, she turned slowly, and... there he was!

She was loving up the little guy, who looked very much at home in her hands.

When she asked if she could bring him into our workshop space, the answer was clearly "YES"... so we settled him comfortably on the ample windowsill outside.

Our day began in meditation and prayer, and not a few thoughts flew to our little mascot hanging on the ample window sill as we sat.

When we finished and the workshop attendees were slowly coming back into the space, I allowed my curiosity to take me to the window... and he was gone!

He left a black feather behind, a gift for Françoise who that day gained a LOT of confidence in her ability to transmit energy and healing. Prior to that, somewhat "broken" by Life, she was in need of confidence regarding her being amply in possession of energy and capable of healing.


Thank you Angels, you guys are amazing ! Thanks for the message...


FLY! from Paris...