I am enthusiastic in my greeting this morning, because the sky is freakin' BLUE here in Paris, and change is in the air!

During the last months, as is her wont, Paris has been dressing in more than 50 shades of gray: wet, dry, misty, freezing, damp, warmish, windy... you get the idea!

But it feels like a sea shift this morning, and after all, aren't we almost in April?


Besides the blue skies, I am positively giddy this morning, because I woke up laughing. I love when that happens!

It was the dream I was having, or at least the sound track to it, that had me wake up chipper and giggly... does anyone remember The Brady Bunch??

Well, I woke up to a song those lucky kids sang in a recording studio when Peter's voice began to change (remember they adjusted the song so he could still sing with them?), TIME TO CHANGE. The refrain went like this:

When it's time to change, you've got to rearrange, for you you are and a-what you're gonna be!

(Shan na na na na na na na nah - SHANANANANAH!) (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Arguably THE kids' show from the 70's in the US (but who can forget the Partridge Family? Greg was no match for David Cassidy! Just sayin'.), The Brady Bunch came into millions of homes through maybe (like at our house) a black-and-white tv at first, then spectacular COLOR... a lifetime ago!

So why did this song show up today?

Because I needed to get the message!

Sometimes we receive messages "from the other side" (family members who have passed, our ANGELS or guides, for example) in such ways: a song that pops into our head which we hadn't thought of in decades maybe (!)... lights flickering on and off ... repetitive numbers... feathers or coins popping up everywhere... the list goes on and on! (One of mine is hair elastics - long story, but they are everywhere, just like ANGELS!) ;-)

So this morning, when I woke up laughing, I ran for my computer to listen to the song, knowing it to be a message, to refresh my memory (the link to the song is on my Facebook page, just below this posting, if we are connected on Facebook. :-))

The lyrics, like the refrain and the idea that the seeds for who we will (or can) be are already within us: Greg and Marcia singing that the man or woman we will become is within us already. And Peter underlining the fact that this is not always easy news, that there are growing pains... but ALSO that we can have FUN with them...


Okay, okay... or not. ;-)

Whatever the case, they have a point, and springtime is the BEST season to have that point grab our attention. NEW LIFE bursting all around us! Or beginning to, anyway...

But what do we do when NEW LIFE knocks at our door?

Do we fling the door open wide, knowing that it is merely our next step, with a cry of YAY!!! ? Or not?

Instead, do we maybe we look backward with nostalgia (even if it wasn't realllly all that great), and instead try to hang on to the known and the comfortable (or the known and the UNcomfortable?)

It seems sometimes like we are conditioned for the status quo, not to rock the boat... even if we have been seasick of it for years.

It may be that the idea of the unknown that is calling us - all the variables and what-if/scary scenarios our mind plays to stop us from becoming who we are meant to be - is simply too much for us to take and so we stay put.

As adults we may think we are a "finished product." But as wonderful as you already are (and you are! lol), there is always another iteration of ourselves ready and waiting to be birthed. So the woman I can become is waiting to step out... and sometimes this can be scary.

In addition, if we accept to grow, our movement and change impacts those we love, and not always softly. So sometimes we decide to "play nice"; we stay put and don't allow our beautiful Voice to emerge.

The word for Voice in French ("voix", pronounced "vwah") is a homonym (sounds the same lol) as the word for Path ("voie", also pronounced "vwah")... another reason why I love French! :-) When we step further into our authenticity and dare to speak (or sing!) our truth, the highest possible path opens up to us, clearly and easily...

I think back to the (fun) times hanging out with friends in the bars of the Bronx and Inwood in Manhattan. Sure, we had a good few laughs, and I met some amazing people in those days, people I still proudly call friends. But if I had not ventured out, I would be a shrunken version of myself right now. We are always invited to change and shift, each in our own way. Even if the shifting proves uncomfortable...

But - uneasiness aside - 'tis the season indeed, and I can feel the call to the new: the teachers I have trained to take up the baton here are now ready to go... my FIRST BOOK (!!!) is coming out here in May with the publisher for whom I had been hoping... my schedule is now filling with book signings... hopefully my dance card will also fill with a US literary agent so it will come out in English, too, sometime soon... a Brazilian translation is on the horizon... and there are new countries to work in (Switzerland, Tahiti (!!!!)), new people to see and places to go...

LOTS of change! Good stuff - YAY stuff! But I definitely also have a case of the "EEK"s: part of me is skittish like a colt and unnerved about these and other changes to come. Some I know about, and some I can just feel coming on.

However, the alternative of NOT changing is no longer possible, and so with a nervous but gleeful cry of EEK, and then YAYYY! I embrace these new doors opening, and move forward gracefully, no clinging to what was.


This morning I am filled with GRATITUDE: to the Brady gang, to the Sun and her shine, for sure... but most of all to my Angels for their fun-loving message to calm frazzled bits of me with a fun song, ripe with meaning, from my childhood! I LOVE You!

And, yeah, I get it: it's time to rearrange for who I am and a-what I'm gonna be!

Starting today, it's a GO!

Rearranging from Paris...