Paris is grey and chill this morning, the damp in the air not yet condensed to the rain we are expecting all day. Er, all week.

Ahhhh, Paris in the winter! :-)

But (even though it may sound like it), I am not complaining. Ever since I was a child, I felt that the rain was a harbinger for the good, the new, the hopeful... as if God were watering the earth so something better could emerge, something purer and more innocent, something magical, even...

... something like a unicorn.

Now if you grew up Irish like me, maybe right away the old song comes to mind, insisting that "the loveliest of them all was the unicorn."

The song tells of Noah and the ark, and how the unicorns were so caught up playing in the rains that they, er, missed the boat. A fictitious explanation for why an animal that is mentioned in the Bible is never seen by (most) human eyes.

But that's not the real story...

The real story is that from the dawn of time, man and the elemental energies of the Earth (including our uni-horned friends) walked side-by-side, co-guardians of the Earth.

But, sadly, at one point in history, Man turned his back on the role of co-guardian.

He turned his back on the Earth he was meant to cherish and protect, choosing instead to exploit her for her seeming riches, never realizing that the truest riches lie not in her gold or silver but in the beating heart of Life within her.

When man turned his back on the role of guardian he descended in frequency. At the same time the Elementals all (fairies, water sprites, sylphs, and yes unicorns) remained at a very high frequency and so were no longer visible to the grand majority of humans... which is still the case today.

A pretty story, or the hard-copy truth? You decide! (Remembering that the Heart sees better than the eyes, or the mind...)

I have had the great fortune to be a "regular" ( and a "Resource Person" in the world) for the community of Findhorn (a word which means unicorn, quelle surprise) in the north of Scotland where humans are mending the fence put up lo those many years ago. People from all over the planet (and yes, even Westerners!) there are consciously re-cultivating the ties with our co-guardian partners, with a view to serving the realignment to come. Putting us squarely back on the side of the unicorns.

But those are not the unicorns I speak of today. Although they ARE indeed the loveliest of them all, the unicorns to which the title today refers are not those of the Irish ark song, but another kind of unicorn.


Or me.

Both of us, maybe...

How can I say this? Well, let's talk about unicorns for a second (how many adults can say that during their workday? I love my work! lol)

What do we know about unicorns? What are their attributes? __ 1. INNOCENCE.
__ Unicorns are white. Have you ever seen an image of a unicorn that was not white? (Okay my niece dressed up as a rainbow-colored unicorn, but in real life they are white. just sayin'. Love you Shannon!) They are white, light-filled, signifying their purity, or innocence. __ 2. SHY or SELECTIVE?
__ Often unicorns get the bad rap of being timid, skittish, or shy. And while young unicorns may actually exhibit those qualities (as the young will do), adult unicorns are anything BUT skittish. They simply do not, CANNOT stand lies, greed, or any intentions other than love. Can't be around them. (And we wonder why we don't get to see much of them in the world today. lol.) __ 3. MAGICAL POWERS.
__ Unicorns are magical - any damn fool can tell you that. They arrive mysteriously, they leave mysteriously, and while they are present, the air is full of magic. And transformation is possible...

'' So, why do I suggest that maybe we are unicorn-ian?''

The truth of the matter is that, no matter what we have gotten up to in this lifetime (mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa lol), at the base, we are INNOCENT. We are all - still and ever - children of God, and our experiences here are for the time very real-seeming, but the truth of our existence is in our eternal nature, and remains unblemished by the stain of any lower activity we undertake while here. Our natural tendency is toward the Godd, though enviromental factors and (sometimes very) limiting beliefs can bring us to seemingly terrible actions (like hunting unicorns, or people who really DO shine bright light where they go...

Probably, like the unicorns of song or legend, we start off shy. how many children are gievn pause even from the very beginning, unsure if it's safe or okay or acceptable to shine their light? how many children learn to cultivate a "dimmer switch" with certain of the human beings around them? How many forget that dimmer switch and fall into the habit _ the trap! - of leaving the lights on "dim"... maybe for the whole show?

If we forget our light as a child, if we put it aside or hide it, sometimes we forget about it altogether. And life can become a bit dull and grey...

But if we remember at some point? WELL! Gandalf the Grey goes WHITE, and life becomes very interesting indeed...

"It's MAGIC, you know... never believe it's not so!" (Never mind the change of words we sand in the schoolyard, you! lol)

WE ARE MAGIC... NEED PROOF? (i always need proof, I don;t know about yoyu...)

- Ever have something "odd" happen to you? Something "strange", maybe, even? Things that make you go "Hmmmm"? (Thank you, Arsenio... whatever happened to Arsenio?)

- We are capable of astonishing feats, capable of wonders! People giving their lives for others. People anonymously helping one another. People creating works which shape and move and awaken the Heart within others through art and music. The Pietà... The Scream... Vivaldi's Quattro Stagione... Delbert McClinton's "I Got Dreams to Remember" (HEY! To each, his own! lol)...

- There are days we think of something and then - poof! Out of the blue, that person contacts us...

- Or sometimes when the phone rings, we know who it is in advance. Non? ;-)

- There are times when something reappears and we SWEAR it wasn't there just moments before, when we already looked? (A sure sign of fairies, by the way.) Ever happen to you?

- And then there are events which comes seemingly out of the blue (a person, some work, an inspiration) and then POOF our life is changed forever!

The unforeseeable, the unSEEN, surrounds us and impacts us DAILY: the only question is, do we notice it? When incredible synchronicity occurs, can we see the magic of US behind it?

Can we see the loving hand of "God/the Universe/Source/God/dess/Insert Holy name here" intervening and flowing our lives in a different direction? How many times are we convinced that change is BAD... until we get a taste for it and realize its saving grace?

UNlike the film"The Matrix", there are no pills to take the open up to our unicorn lives, the the magic. (I know... I tried!) lol

But LIKE that (great) film (again, my blog, my opinion lol), there IS a "BEFORE" and an "AFTER."

BEFORE we remember we are Unicorns, we can fall into the trap of believing that somehow we are victims of the vagaries of Life, and live life at times like a struggle. Or worse.

But AFTER we step into our AWESOME Unicornosity (!), the Game can get underway.

The magic of GRACE (same thing) regains its place center stage. Doors fly open at just the right time. And other doors SHUT at just the right time too...

To be clear, these things already happen, every day. But only a Unicorn sees clearly with the Heart that the doors that SHUT are always as great a gift as the doors that fly OPEN...

A note of caution, however: when we begin to embrace our innocence (out Light), and our magic, it is important to also embrace the idea of SELECTIVITY. We need to ensure our light id never dimmed again by the presence of people who would stomp it out. Until we are good strong adult unicorns, staying away from light-stompers is always a good idea.

Being SELECTIVE, surrounding ourselves with the people places and things that LIGHT UP (enlighten?) the unicorn in us is essential Unicorn practice!

So today, stepping into my Unicornness, I pledge to remember that I am innocent at the heart of who I am 9which will help me to behave that way. I will ALSO (very important!) remember that everyone else is, too...

I will step into my MAGIC... just noticing that I am (we are!) Accompanied. That there is a loving Hand that watches out for us, and open (or shuts!) the right doors for us at just the right time... if we let it.

I will be selective in how I surround myself, remembering that energy seeks its equilibrium ... and I am looking UP.

Finally, like any good Unicorn. today I will dance and sing (thanks to the legend Delbert McClinton, this has already begun this morning)... and give thanks. Oh yes, I will give great thanks! Big, juicy...

Unicorn Gratitude from Paris...