Hey y'all !

The weather here on Emerald Isle NC is warm and sunny... so this will be short and sunny! ;-)

Time is speeding along and sometimes it does a body good to simply STOP... and maybe write something down. Something that seems like I need to remember it, perhaps. Something important, maybe.

Something like the Importance of Being Nimble.

Not unlike the book not of the same name (who knows to which classic I am referring? lol)... The Importance (or lack thereof) of being nimble will be highly individual. Maybe you will deem being Nimble as highly desirable as I do, maybe not. But, finally, I am writing this for me, not for you.

It beats tying a string around my finger to remember!

You see, I need - I really really realllllly need - to stay nimble.

I can only speak for myself, but what with the changes in weather (metaphoric and actual) and times (time zones and daylight savings, time existing and non-existing), it seems like I have been needing to dance a bit faster... and also go a bit more slowly.

I have been around long enough to know that when the world asks me to hurry UP, that is precisely when I MOST need to slow DOWN.

Slow DOWN, yes. But not like a clod, plopping down, unmovable objectionable abject object.

No, what is called for, in these here (I have been South too long maybe?) circumstances, is to slow down, nimble-like.

Cuz dyin' ain't much of a livin, boy. (Outlaw Josie Wales was on last night.)

That is to say, if I keep on going at the world's pace, I lose. My life is not longer my own, I am owned. And that ain't happening!

But if I just STOP, and dig my heels in, then I am refusing life. I am playing the game of life - which is improvisation - as the worst improv actor ever - ONE WHO SAYS NO.

The trick is to say "YES" (okay I see what cards I am being dealt and I will play with them)... but "YES AND"...

YES, okay, these are my currents cards and I will play them...
...AND I will work until my break an hour from now then go or a walk (on the beach- sorry!)
...AND I will play these cards until I get tired then I will take a break and breathe easy, or do whatever my body needs to relax.
...AND I will continue to work in a given place or capacity but, making up my mind to move on, will seek other employment at the same time.
...AND I will continue to follow my dream no matter what.
...AND I will continue to stand up for the values I believe in.
...AND I will wear what I want.
...AND I will speak my truth. No matter what.
...AND I will play.

That last one is important!

I will play the Game as it is set up, but I WILL PLAY.


NO MATTER WHAT the world is dishing out, I will maintain high energy by not allowing ANYTHING to drag me down. Because if I am dragged down, I become part of the problem, not the solution.

I will play, and have fun, cause that's the way I rock 'n' roll.

Nimble like a thimble from Emerald Isle...