Paris is cold and gray and wet this morning, horns are blaring outside my window joined by what seems to be two drivers fighting (I love French cussing) under my window.

Doesn't it just make you want to shout, "YAY WEDNESDAY!"?

Maybe not? Me neither! It definitely feels like the day is beginning the hard way...

So let me test out that age-old idea that we can do this the hard way or the easy way. I call a mulligan!


What an exciting day lies ahead as I meet with my editor to discuss the springtime launch of my first book, THE ANGELS TOLD ME SO (A Lightworkers Manual)!

Hmmm... which one feels better? Easy!

But in that exercise, I notice a HABIT - cultivated since my Bronx childhood - of looking on the Dark Side of things. But I am nobody's father, and black doesn't suit me. (Okay that's not true, black suits everyone; I just don't wear much of it anymore.)

That habit, the one that started this blog (incredibly, on this red-letter day) focused on the negative instead of the amazing positive that awaits me, is ONLY HABIT. And even though it is clearly embedded in me, if I notice it, I can call a mulligan (that wondrous golf do-over!) and tee the day off again.

It is not surprising that the habit exists. People tell me ALL THE TIME that I am wrong, that I am Pollyanna, that I am not realistic... that things have to be hard.

I call BULLSHIT! (Another wonderful Bronx game, does anyone remember?)

If we believe that things have to be hard, it is no surprise that life might seem heavy and bereft of magic. But there is magic even in that, as we use our magic to create what we believe awaits us. We create with our thoughts and our words as well as our actions.


My do-over of the beginning of this blog is an example... the tone set in the second version will win the day! My mood lifted and, ready for the new day, I am bound to attract nicer experiences and better surprises as the day unfolds.

OUR MAGIC IS THAT WE ATTRACT TO US WHAT WE GIVE OFF. If I give off that this is a crap day, I will only see the crap around me, maybe even literally stepping in shit instead of seeing the winter flowers in the garden... or figuratively "stepping in it", lucky.

This life (I remind myself) is made of up days.

So, each day is my masterpiece: I need to stay in it, fiercely ensuring that I don't slip off into the past that was (or how I wished it were), OR go off daydreaming into the future, and thereby calling forth either a nightmare or a dream. If I am in the past or the future I miss the only Life I have, today.

As a group, we are passing through troubled times. This, too, we can do the easy way or the hard way. Maybe we can use our words - our magic! - carefully, ensuring as little collateral damage as possible, even when standing for our values. We can be firm in our beliefs but gentle in our demeanor, thus allowing a greater possibility of walking with others, who are different from us, in peace.

Vitriol never stirs up peace, not with the outside world, nor within us. And peace is the Easy Way.

Back to the habit which had me seeing gray and cold and wet instead of an exciting appointment related to a lifelong dream. (Wha-a-at?) lol

Focusing on the dream shifted the energy of this day, lifted my spirits right away! Where I focus goes my day!

But MAYBE I can shift my focus no matter what I am looking at! Even in the gray and cold I can choose to see beauty. Paris is beautiful in every season. As I ponder leaving, I can savor these moments, creating still-life images and memories in silver tones.

In the cold, maybe I can be grateful I am not too hot (and with the onset of menopause that is not a small thing lol.) Or I can be grateful for the warm clothing I have, or the blanket fort/bed that awaits me each night.

This is not Pollyanna denying the cold and gray, but rather me seeing within the situation what I can be thankful for. This new habit shifts my day UPward.

These are choices I can make - this is the magic power we have.

I need to remember that power: my thoughts control my day, and only I control my thoughts.

And I CAN control them: I can pick and choose the worthy ones, the ones that move me to positive peaceful action, not in fear but calmly. I can let go of the ones that disturb my zen, or have me thinking negatively. Even in the face of troubled times, I can choose to focus on what could go RIGHT instead of what could go WRONG, for example, and move in that direction, in many small ways available to me.

If I don't do things the easy way (ensuring the magic of my life is wrought by the highest of thought and attitudes) then I allow the past, old habits and fears, to control me. To steal my magic.

NOT HAPPENING! After years of doing things the hard way, it is time to truly (MAGICALLY!) take on life...

The Easy Way from Paris...