Happy new Year form da Bronx! :-)

It is always special to wake up in this apartment, where my parents and then my mother lived for many years... to put the kettle on, and then to sit and sip my tea in the very spot where my Mom sat so many mornings, looking out the window with her coffee as the world passed by.

I can feel her here still (when I am still enough, when I walk gently enough), and almost catch a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye, playful. In my heart I hear her, whispering not a call backward but a gentle encouragement to go FORWARD. To remember her, and all that has been, but - with renewed enthusiasm and courage - to let go of everything that WAS (the good, the bad, and the ugly) in favor of everything that IS and what WILL BE.

My Mom was always practical, as a woman with seven children in a 6th floor walk-up needs to be I suppose, much more practical than her once-banker daughter.

On a morning like this, I sit with her in the space in-between where anything can happen: in between then and now ... in between here and there (I leave for Paris tonight, a flying visit through the Bronx after Emerald Isle) ... and in between 2016 and 2017.

I can almost hear her say LET'S GET THE PARTY STARTED!

Okay, okay, she would never have said that lol. But - lover of parties that she was - she thrills the sense of it through to me, somehow... an admonition to WASTE NO MORE TIME in sadness or nostalgia over what WAS (or could have been), but rather to RUN FORWARD into the waiting arms of 2017.

Jump in his lap, maybe! ;-)

My Mom was always right.

About guys I dated or following my dream to Paris, my Mom was always right.

So on this day when i am hearing what she would say so clearly, I think it is time to heed her advice.


Knowing my Mom would never send me into danger (only I do that) ... and knowing that if ever what is coning wears me down, I can always return (GENTLY, only gently will do, no bursting through Doorways is possible), walking back into this in-between space between worlds (either in this Bronx apartment or elsewhere.)

And, again, once filled with quiet clarity in that in-between space, I will once again, as I will today ...

RUN FORWARD to wherever I am meant to be...