Mornin' y'all!

The "y'all"s have taken hold of me on this trip, and well as many other colorful Southern people and expressions, including, i am loathe to say, a growing taste for country music.

It must be time to go.

Not just because I run the risk of anchoring in a love for country music (although that is a danger), but also just because it's time.

When it's time, it's time.

Today I am up early, awaiting the sun in a more calm state, knowing that today is the last 68-degree day I will have for a while... and that tomorrow's sunrise will be lost in the tornado that is me on last-second-task morning before flying through New York to Paris this weekend.

When it's time it's time.

And it IS time, isn''t it?

Time to LET GO of the OLD. Let GO of this 2016 (I was going to say this durn shitty 2016, sorry!) and move forward into the NEW.

Time to say goodbye to those who were part of our lives in 2016 but who aren't anymore (Prince, Ziggy Stardust, Carrie and Debbie, and so many more) ... and to turn to the future.

Time to shake the dust off muh boots (I told ya! lol) and move on. My Game is not over, it feels like it is maybe even far from over... it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings...

I ain't done yet. :-)

So resolutely I turn all attention to today, this day., and towards the future! No more looking backward at the woulda coulda shouldas...

A new page lies unwritten, a fresh field of snow lies waiting for our footsteps... or whatever too-small metaphor you like that tries to pin down the enormity of the potential of a new year awaiting our Creation. These last days of the year feel like a pregnant pause that will give birth to something remarkable, something new, something altogether DIFFERENT.


I've decided to say YES instead of NO.

I will not bow to resignation or sadness over the unknowns of the future as I know that in us - in ALL of us! - lies the possibility of change and renewal. (Even me lol.)

I will not lower my head and slump into recriminations, but rather see clearly that whatever didn't happen in 2016 that i thought SHOULDA (oh how I felt the BERN), the life we have and the government we have is always exactly what we most need.

My Mom called it way-back-when: there is a reason for everything.

So, I will trust that Reason, that God, that Source (or whatever you want to call It.)

I trust that I Am (we are) all in good hands. And insofar as we are willing to stand in our values and dare to keep our hearts open and continue to (with the audacity of riding a once-broke bicycle in a triathlon) love, we (individually and as a nation and as a world) will face whatever comes. With grace, maybe, and much divine assistance.

WHATEVER is happening, is happening in perfect timing.

And since I know that, I know it's time, So I cultivate a healthy CURIOSITY about the future, even as I take a step back into the life that "was", knowing that (even if we do not get moved around the planet), the fresh and NEW that awaits me (us) will be exactly what I need. After all,

It's Time from Emerald Isle...