Kathryn Hudson

I am a writer/actress/director and also spiritual coach/reflexologist living in Paris, the city of my dreams.

I am "The Escapee" (occasional visitor on Progressive Blend Radio on the 'net) : a former international banker who found a way "out", but who gratefully remembers the years "in", which allow for this time of growth and rich life.

I am from the Bronx and proud of it. I still have strong ties there, friends who are like family (and an apartment). I sometimes tell those stories, there are so many...

I love the Yankees.

I live in the shelter of the shadow of all my friends who passed me on their way out of this world too soon. You live on in my heart.

I live each day grateful that I am still here, grateful that the vulture of addiction did not steal my soul away back then, that I escaped (not unscathed, but whole) to create a new life in a new place. I recognize the grace in this.

I will use this blog to speak authentically each and every day, even when the truth is not pretty. Perhaps some of it will stir something inside, or perhaps (hopefully) it will make you laugh out loud sometimes. Laughter is good.

Thank you for visiting my blog, for being a listener who allows me to sing my song.

Peace from Paris.

My website: http://kathrynhudson.fr