Hello! I have been thinking about creating a blog-format-type-thingy for sooooo long, and here it happens as if by accident when looking at the blogspot of a friend.

I love when things slide easily into place!

It feels like it doesn't happen so often, but when I think about it, I really am incredibly lucky and life is falling - granted, sometimes in big heavy pieces that just miss my head, but falling nonetheless - into place.

The life of a very happy - ok USUALLY very happy - ex-banker originally from the Bronx living her life in Paris, writing and following a creative and spiritual path in the city of her dreams is the stuff that would have once made me want to barf. (Nice vocabulary, eh? I knew it would impress!) Or maybe it would have been the alcohol or the drugs that would have made me want to throw up. At that time, one could never have known!

But now, I am getting used to things happen fortuitously - the Universe conspiring with a more conscious me, surprising and delighting (or not) as things seem to move inexorably forward. No more need for intoxicants, life has become trippy enough, thank you! And BOY does it feel better to wake up refreshed and feeling good! Sending out a great big bearhug of thanks to the Universe...

And so it goes...the blog starts unsurreptitiously, creeping in on tiny cat's feet (this phrase always provoke an image of the cat's claws scratching across linoleum for me, but whatever) and without fanfare. Happy Monday!

Peace from Paris.