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Sunday 4 February 2018

Step On That Smurf!

Mornin', y'all!

It is Super Bowl Sunday here in the US and I am never here for it, so that is really kind of fun. Especially since my numbers are going to win lol. And GO EAGLES! ;-)

Before the game begins, I get to do some REIKI - with the ocean as a backdrop - for a good friend trying it for the first time... so that is great fun, too!

In between, after i finish this quick blog, I have only the Afterword or "Next Steps" chapter of my second book to finish, and it'll all get sent off to France for publishing this spring/summer... how great is that?

But I am MOST excited about a little something that happened in a yoga class yesterday.

Let me be clear: I prefer spin class. I do classes here in NC and also in Paris, have for three years now, and LOVE me some spin class! Mostly, I love getting GOing, as hard as I can, until I am red and sweating and winded... LOVE it! It is kind of how I have lived my life, and so it is familiar to me...

But yoga? That's a different story. Yoga requires patience and flexibility. UGH!

It's good to know yourself... and I can be inflexible. Physically, yes, definitely. But if I am honest, not only...

But these days I can see that inflexibility is not working for me: not the physical kind, nor any other kind. My body is aching for more fluidity and flexibility, and my heart and mind are, too. The ability to let things flow, to let go of what was, to allow the new to arrive, these are gifts I now pine for. So when the yoga instructor asked me if I were staying for the yoga class after spin last week, I said "why not?"

I started going to yoga.

I must say it is a bit disheartening as I am really very stiff lol. Women twenty years older than me showing me (way) how it's done encourage me greatly, but I can see I have a long road before me...

But that is Smurf talk!! Step on it!!


Let me correct the above phrase: I can already see progress and have hope... mostly because of Shiva and the Smurf.


Juli, the (great) yoga teacher at Momentum in Morehead, was talking during the class about a deity called Shiva the destroyer... who destroys what needs to GO so new life can begin. Which already spoke to me, but as she spoke, it got even more interesting.

Shiva, she says, is most often pictured stepping on a Smurf!! (Ok, ok she said a blue dwarf, but I heard Smurf. Bear with me.)

Shiva is stepping on the Smurf which represents the "drama" in life... in so stepping, he has a higher perspective, and can see clearly real Life. With a capital "L".

When I see the drama in my life as simply a Smurf to deal with by stepping on it and looking above, that feels powerful. In addition, I simply cannot take a Smurf seriously, which puts everything into perspective and helps me not give power to the drama.

Ever hear the phrase, "Not my circus, not my monkeys!? It is a meme that seems to be everywhere, reminding us to not get dragged into other peoples' drama.

But stepping on the Smurf reminds me of something maybe even more important to me: not to let MY circus, or its monkeys, pull me down, either!

So now I begin my day with a yoga Sun Salutation, and step on that Smurf to rise above the madness...

One Step at a Time from Emerald Isle...

Sunday 28 January 2018

There's Nothing - and Everything - Out There

Mornin' y'all!

It is an ethereal morning here on the beach: beyond the dunes, there is... nothing!

Pure white, like the televisions screens of yore after midnight (if you know what i mean, you are old too. So glad to still be alive 'n' kickin!)

But seriously, there is nothing beyond the dunes... nothing visible to the eye, anyway.

With the fog that sits on the beach waiting to hear the sand cry "Uncle!", no life is discernible: land and sea both swallowed up in white: the kind that makes you squint to try to see, but nothing works. The horizon between land and sky, the whole of the earth beyond, melted away in some giant magic trick.


It IS beautiful, but also disconcerting, as we humans (okay, I can only speak for myself), rather, I like to feel like I am in control. But when the world disappears, I am not in control, and so the eerie beauty holds a tinge of discomfort.

I should be used to it!

It's long since I ceded control (which is an illusion anyway), to allow for the magic of grace to guide my comings and goings. But the sight of the world gone not mad, but just GONE this morning reminds me that no matter how long it has been, part of me would still like to crawl, not often but sometimes, under a rock. Even a heavy one. Just to gain some semblance of stability, of something solid.

I have visibility for oh, about the next three months of my existence: where I will be, what work I will be doing, and then nothing. Oh, maybe some silhouettes in the distance, lovely ones of Martinique, Guadeloupe, Tahiti, New Caledonia... but these are forms not yet solidified, work not yet confirmed, still in the planning stages.

And though my situation is admittedly a bit extreme, isn;t that the way for all of us, to a degree?

We think we know what will happen this year - hell, this DAY! - but then something surprising occurs. Life throws us a curve ball. One that we so often judge as being "good" or "bad." A variation from our "plan"... just about every day.

How we behave when those curve balls come is a measure of how comfortable we are in our skin, in our life. How confirdent we are that - even when we can't see the beach or the future - we know it is there. Everything is out there.

And it's gonna be good... because things generally turn out BETTER when I don;t try to control them... not worse. And the dimension to my life - to Life as a whole - which is invisible is far greater than we were ever taught... a Source of great comfort once we learn to relax and breathe in that Presence.

That Presence that has everything under control. As long as we can relax and go with that flow.

Whooosh! from Emerald Isle...

Tuesday 23 January 2018

No Pillar of Salt

Mornin' y'all!

The weather here this morning makes waiting on the sun a fruitless exercise so instead I write a little, keen to write something that isn't my second book (THE ANGELS MADE ME DO IT), which is well on the way to finished, but all-absorbing. Or almost.

Just for a quick moment, I seek a little quiet time (which is what writing like this is, for me) to look forward: to the day, to the week, to the year. But mostly to the day.

And definitely NOT to look backward!

A story has been running through my mind, a story from the Old testament, the story of Lot fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah with his family. It has been running through my mind of late and this morning, it is insistent.

Actually, not the whole story: I just read Genesis 19 to recall the whole story. The only part of the story that has been running through my mind these last days is this part :

But Lot’s wife, behind him, looked back, and she became ja pillar of salt. >

Lot was graced with an Angelic visit... not one but TWO Angels came to see him and tell him to leave the city, which was to be destroyed, and Lot (no fool!) took their advice to heart, gathered his loved ones as he could, and left.

Lot and his daughters, and his wife left in a hurry, heading to their salvation, where they would be safe. Where they would be alive. They were running toward their future, focused on safety and life, a gift of grace.

That is, except his wife. She made the fatal error of looking back. And was turned to salt for her trouble.

A couple of things pop out: how I am glad God doesn't decimate cities for being dens of iniquity anymore (I guess we have taken on that role.)

But the most salient part of the story for me is what happened to Lot's wife: a freakin' pillar of salt? Really? Just for looking back??

Though I guess with fire and brimstone at my heels, I might not take a moment to look back, I can certainly understand her desire to do so: her whole life was back there. And even if it wasn't the greatest place to live (it being Sodom and Gomorrah and all), it had been her home. So she looked back...

WOW. My gut screams, "That's not fair! It is a natural human instinct to look back!"

And maybe it is. But apparently, it can also kill, that looking back...

Now the idea is that Lot's wife (who apparently shall remain nameless) did not just sneak a peek, but she stopped. She stopped following the guidance of the Angels to safety and the promise of new life. And with regret, she looked back...

... and it killed her.

Thankfully, that is not what happens when we look back, at least it hasn't happened to me: no pillar of salt here! We are not punished when we rue the past, eschewing the future.

Or are we?

Wow... we are!

Any time I accord to the past, I steal away my life, from this day, this week, this year. Laden with the burden of the past, I have no freedom to enjoy the present: my hands and my heart are full. There is no room for the magic of divine intervention, of the fullness of magical LIFE... which can only happen if I keep on moving forward to it, staying fully present.


I can rue or regret... or I can live!

Ruing or regretting - the fateful "woulda coulda shouldas" - takes me right OUT of the life that is mine to live today. And if I am not present to it, my life indeed will become dry and lifeless, like a pillar of salt.

Can we compare the pillar of salt to depression, perhaps? Motionless, dry, lifeless, still? Stuck in one place and seemingly alone? Maybe...

All I know is that as this year begins (and HOW is it already January 23, I ask you?), I am decided to look ahead with curiosity and fresh eyes - no salt! - focused on what surprises lie ahead.

With Lot and the rest of his family, I run forward allowing the past to stay in the past, knowing that the only LIFE that is possible is what is on the path ahead... and that the Angels will prepare the road (not taken) as we go along.

How do I dare say that? how do I know?

Well, when we invite angelic assistance into every day, magic happens! Experience has taight me that (I was a stubborn learner, at first.) But when I pass the burden of how things get done over to them, magic happens! Like a (French) publisher finding me even before I finished my first book. Not small miracles - BIG ones!!

Angels travel the road not taken. And we can go along if we don't look back:

"And knowing how way leads onto way, I doubted that I should ever come back... Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I I took the one less travelled-by and that has made all the difference."

(Frost, "The Road Not Taken")

No Salt!

Love from Emerald Isle...

Wednesday 20 December 2017

I Wish You ... Dolphins and Pelicans!

Mornin' y'all!

I ran out this morning to walk the beach before the rain arrives, before the writing begins in earnest, before the things that need to get done, well, get done.

I walked enjoying a silver sun adding a cool sheen to the surface of the water.

As I walked I realized again how very fortunate I am that I took the chance to change my way of life, how lucky I am to work at something that allows me such "down" time... yet even as I walked, I noticed my thoughts slipping to planning, both what will happen today and what will happen in the future (events in new York, here in NC, France, Tahiiti...)

Pleasant thoughts, assuredly!

But thoughts that had lured me away from my beach this morning, my secret hideout, my quiet place.

I gazed out on the water, anticipating (as is my wont) a message of some kind, and noticed the pelicans there.

Now, I watch pelicans very intently - have for years! - as they seem somehow to speak to my soul, reminding me at times of the importance of keeping my focus, or flying low, or flying in concert with others, or...


The pelicans - hundreds of 'em! - WERE JUST SITTING THERE.


Yep. Just sitting there.

Not feeding (I checked), not flying, not dancing, not worrying, not angry, not anything... just sitting there, floating on the water: up and down. Sitting. How very Buddhist of them!

Well, you don't have to hit me on the head to get a point across, and right next to where I was walking the sand had been built up forming a perfect ledge, oh, about the height of my... yep, you got it! I sat down.

It felt GOOD just to sit there for a bit. The long list of things to do dissolved. I made like a pelican and sat.

Sitting, I saw the sunlight skip across the waves before disappearing in foam. I felt the coldness of the water as an odd wave made it all the way to my feet (i took off my shoes to sit) before hurrying back to the sea.

I sat.

When in the hurry of the season and the writing and the new agent (yay, Linda!) and the contracts and the arrrrrrrgh do i just sit? And yet I knew as I sat there that THIS, and not anything else on my list or in my day, was what was important. THIS feeds the soul...and Life. THIS was the shepherds just gazing at a baby. This was a star shining over a stable. This was the eight candles, or the long pilgrimage to mecca: pelicans sitting.

So we sat there, the pelicans and I: they, on the waves beyond the breakers, and I, where the land had broken a ledge. Sat there together and separate. Just sat.

And as I sat, I noticed something else, very subtle: dolphins!

They were swimming slowly among and around the waves, between me and the pelicans, almost imperceptibly breaching the ocean surface.

Dolphins and pelicans!

To share a (not so big) secret, I love dolphins so much I have one tattooed right where the ledge of sand was holding me. And they have been so present every day of my visit so far, it has been a real blessing. But this felt somehow different.


As I said, you don't have to hit me over the head to get a point across. But the dolphins and pelicans double-teamed me this morning, just in case I missed the point. Rushing, and trying to control the future by planning it leaves NO ROOM for the grace of the here-and-now. The dolphins and pelicans. The gifts that we are given from a Loving hand ... if only we notice them.

So for this day, and for this holiday season, I wish for you spaciousness and surprises, wilderness and wonder. And the grace of knowing that the Universe is trying to tell you something too. Mostly that you are loved. Very much.

Yep. For today and for this holiday season, I wish for you, too,...

Pelicans and dolphins from Emerald Isle...

Friday 15 December 2017

Old Habits Die Easy: FEED THE FABULOUS

Mornin' y'all!

Here on Emerald Isle, a morning walk along the water took my feet where I have walked hundreds of times, maybe more.

The stilllness of the December morning was punctuated only by waves rolling and crashing, and the occasional hammer tending to houses standing empty in the island winter.

The silence, complemented by the crisp air and the sun gleaming through a field of clouds gave the morning a bell-like clarity and a silvery hue. I was walking through a silver-bells dream...

In the two hours I walked, I met only one person, walking the opposite way. But even if human presence is scant off-season, natural activity is not!

Pelicans, long, long lines of them: thirty-four in one line, or eleven (with bursts of four or five in between), all elegantly tracing the curve of the waves with the tips of their long wings, pointing like a conductor as they moved from wave to wave, then abandoning each as it curled to crash and moving to the next.

The horizon blurs in the distance with fog, "la brume" as they say in French, reminding ,me that even if I cannot see what is just beyond the horizon, it's really okay. (Maybe even all the better!)

I walked, noticing the shore birds, willets and sandpipers, who in high season scurry away at human footsteps now grown stalwart or cocky (they outnumber me on the beach!) continuing their morning meal without so much as a glance in my direction hurrying after each wave, harvesting the fresh feast each wave brings in.

From time to time, I stopped to see the sun traveling behind the screen of clouds. Each time (magic!) the sun's light pointed like a finger across the water from the sun right to where my feet had stopped to admire. The light reached out, touching and connecting me to that source of light and warmth and life, as if acknowledging my presence. (Yes I know it was a game of perspective, but still...)

In the stillness the world becomes magical again.

As long as I stay there.

I laughed out loud (yes, right there on the beach walking all alone lol) at how sometimes difficult it can be to stay in the moment, how insistent that old habit/trap of falling into thoughts of the past (some lovely, others less) or the future (some lovely plans, some useless fretting.) Even as I laughed, it dawned on me that it was perhaps somehow designed to lure me away from this magical moment. Or this one. Or this!

As I walked, I kept leaving the beauty of the still beach - my happy place! - and for what?

Sometimes thinking back on this past year, with my first book coming out and new journeys and encounters in places with faraway names like Bora Bore and Tahiti, wonder-full experiences... but also some decidedly less fun experiences: learning experiences reminding me to always listen to my intuition (the worst "I told you so" is the one we say to ourselves). In short, I found myself looking backward to a year that had many ups and downs.

When I wasn't paying attention, thoughts slipped, too, to the future - which from where I am sitting is about as blurry as the horizon! - thoughts of wonders that will come (finishing my second book which is meant to come out in French sometime in May... my first book hopefully coming out in English in 2018... new voyages to work in martinique and Guadeloupe, canada... divination thoughts trying to suss out the "wheres" and the "whens" and the "with-whoms" in advance. These thoughts crop up naturally, like a clam revealed by a receding wave; and so I (a willet) insistently, repeatedly plucked them out and set myself back to the task at hand: simply walking on the beach, being nourished there.

Again and again I turned my attention back to the gift of HERE, the gift of NOW... the gift of LIFE!

Positive or negative, that backward thinking about the past or forward thinking about the future lured me away from the gift of my walking in the Here-and-now. So each time I caught myself, I simply laughed and called my thoughts back, ambling, amused, watching my sanderling thoughts scurry in and out of the waterline of the present.

Each time I recalled my thoughts with the same gentle reminder: BE HERE NOW.

Noticing when I slip into not-here mode is interesting.

It happens when things get too hard and I allow distractions to "take me away from it all." It happens when things get hard in a way I DON'T like (suffering through a conversation or a conference that doesn't interest me) as well that things that are hard that I DO like (like walking a beach in the early morning hours.

Huh? How is that hard?

When we are in silence and facing the ineffable beauty of Nature, it calls to OUR ineffable beauty, tha part of us that is shining, the part of us that is FABULOUS. (and yes, that goes for you guys too - all of us!

Since most of us learned that we possess any fabulous ineffable beauty, instead of walking in it always (consciously), we sometimes dodge it (unconsciously) by dodging the moment that presents it, the moment that reminds us of it.

And so a walk on a beautiful beach finds us thinking about the things that we left behind, worries fears, [past and present, anything to avoid the call of the Fabulous.

We know that silence is not the natural state of affairs for our society, and this fits in with the unconscious hiding: the world has given us noise to hide in.

So how is beach walking hard? Well, it's not, if we are unaware that we leave the beach in our thoughts as our body walks along...

But the moment that we become aware of it, and begin to try to "stay put", it can seem like a hard task to BE HERE NOW. Personally I have been going at this for many years, and so I laugh whenever I notice that that old habit is still hanging around.

It can seem so much easier to slip backwards and allow the cares and worries of this world to steal away the richness of this moment... of this life. Or to hide in noise and distractions (tv, internet, telephone) from the moments that call us to our fabulous Selves.

In general, when we begin anything new (like staying in the present moment, maybe), it can be uncomfortable. I remember when I moved from NYC to Philly, it felt like my skin was crawling, so powerful the desire was to go back to NY, and my old familiar life, even though I knew it was not good for me.

That skin-crawling thing, or any discomfort with the new that can be mental emotional or physical, shows just how addictive our habits can be, as our old habits call us backward to what we knew before, somewhere we felt in control. In this way, the past calls to us like a comfortable old friends; we can miss them terribly when we venture out into new terrain, even lovely new terrain like the present moment, the beach at dawn, or facing a future unknowable (and thus uncontrollable.

The problem with turning backward to try to regain what seems from the new vantage point comfortable, is that what WAS no longer exists. It is a NEW situation now, as we are constantly growing, and so a new equilibrium must be found which will ALSO force us to grow. Life just keeps giving us chances to grow into our fabulousness. :-)

I think that is why they say "OLD HABITS DIE HARD", but I don't think that is necessarily true; we can release old habits when we see them for what they are, and we consciously decide to let them go.... only if we really want to move on.

Then, we can make the moving on easier by recognizing that the only constant in this life IS change, and that growth and the fullness of life lies before us, not behind us. The idea is to peacefully let GO of old habits, habits which keep us locked into the past and locked out of the magic: our Fabulousness!

We let go of the OLD: habits of the past which don't serve us any longer by not feeding them: not giving them our energy, time and attention. We can make this easier on ourselves by at the same time feeding the NEW: cultivating activities that DO serve us: ones that FEED THE FABULOUS in us, renew us and fill us with light and ease and joy and the confidence for the future that is the hallmark of every part of Nature. But us. (!)

Today, inspired by a magical morning, I consciously choose the magic. I feed the fabulous: I walk and sing and write and will visit friends all before settling down to finish paperwork this afternoon (exactly the OPPOSITE of my habit of tackling the distasteful first.)

I feed the fabulous in me so I can FEEL the fabulous in me. And fabulous celebrates life. No playing small for the fabulous.

When we FEED THE FABULOUS, we FEEL FABULOUS! And ready for anything!

We- all - each and every one! - are fabulous. sons and daughters of Creation; it can be no other way. But our experience is not always fabulous: how can that be? The difference is simple: which side do we feed?

Do we feed the worry and fear or anger around the past or the future? Or do we feed the fabulous present moment, noticing the world around us as if in interaction with us, a conscious embracing of the magic of our fabulous life?

The choice is ours.

I know what I choose... how 'bout you?

Feeding the Fabulous from Emerald isle...

Saturday 9 December 2017

Being Still... Still Being

Mornin' y'all!

It is chilly and raining here but I am still in the South and thus hail ye with that ubiquitous "y'all"... hope y'all are doing well? Er... I mean good ? lol

This morning began at a wonderful morning service at the Lady Julien Chapel at the Trinity retreat Center here on the island, not far from where I am sitting for this time. The small chapel surrounded by live oaks and mossy wet this morning was as cozy a haven from the storm (no snow here yet) as I can imagine... even better than the warm bed I'd left early in exchange for that piece of peace.

In a series of readings from Old Testament and New, the line that leaped (there is always something that leaps if I am attentive enough) was the famous "Be still and know that I am God."

Specifically, the "be still" part.

To date, that being still has not always been my strong point. But I am singing A Change is Gonna Come this morning...

When the proverbial sh*t hits the fan (as it does regularly in life, non?), in the past I have reacted in many ways... "still" not necessarily being one of them. Little did I know I was not going with my strength by allowing anger or fear to express.

Because my strength is not really mine... but more Mine... get it?

Rooted in stillness, and allowing that Thy will be done (Mine not mine), I can stand strong, flexible, bending but not breaking. And get on with the business of joyful Life.

In the past when I allowed chaos to overtake me, and emotions to run amok (running and ruining the show), I had a hard time finding that stillness and strength... but that very stillness is the only way out of the a-muck and mire of worry or anger or doubt or fear...

You get the point.

When we most need stillness and calm is quite often the very periods where it is hardest to get to... which is why stocking up on the stuff is maybe a good idea. Aligning with the Higher Will and allowing the current of Life to carry us where we are meant to go instead of swimming upstream toward what we think we want or need (but really don't) is a key to that calm.

One might imagine that being still must of necessity entail sitting tranquilly in meditation, not moving, somehow being sidelined from the Game (And ohboyohboyOHBOY is Life a Game!) One might easily fall into the trap of taking it too seriously... or of thinking that to rise above the madness it is necessary to leave the madness.

Although a retreat from time to time is a wonderful re-Source, we do not always have the luxury of taking time off in the middle of busy seasons to take ourselves out of the Game. So the trick is to find the deep well of stillness WITHIN us no matter what is going on OUTSIDE of us.

Tapping into that well can fill us up to the brim and help us to lighten up... or further, can allow that filling to overflow into the world through us, we can become a sort of "floating island" of peace and calm for others too. But only if we have it for ourselves first...we can't share what we don't possess.

How to find that peace in the middle of busy-ness?

Maybe before the day begins, find a space and time for silence, or (if silence isn't your thing) for your favorite music. Sing, move, dance, go for a walk in Nature... such movement can help cultivate stillness for some just as simply sitting still and breathing can, for others.

Thankfully, we do not need to add "seeking God in the stillness" to our long lists of things to do... God/The Divine/Source/Love finds us when we create calm time and space in our day.

And then, we carry that calming Presence (or rather that Presence carries us) all the day long... throughout whatever we need to get up to as we continue to still be who we are and do what we need to do.

Admittedly, in the past I have had something of an addictive personality: when I find something I like, I have tended to overdo it. And while it is true that I am becoming quite fond of beginning the day in morning service (to myself above all), I have a feeling that this particular habit will be one that serves and does not hinder the peace that is growing within me.

In fact, I am understanding now that ONLY when I am still, calm, quiet, can I get really clear. And it is only when I am really clear that I can have any FUN! :-)

So today, even as I paint the living room and organize the closets, and even as I go out to dinner tonight with friends, I will still be...

Being still from Emerald Isle...

Thursday 7 December 2017

Only by Prayer and Fasting

Hey y'all!

That hailing hails from Emerald Isle, NC, off the coast of North Carolina, where it seems like the winter has arrived, wet and cold (relatively speaking lol) and blustery.

Perfect day for hot chocolate! Or fasting?


Fasting - that is, a form of prayer in which we do not eat - is not very popular, particularly in the Western world in general and in the US in particular. Yet it ranks right up there with snowflakes on roses and whiskers on kittens for me!

Why? Well, when we fast, we give our body a vacation: nothing to break down, digest, integrate, evacuate. For our body: it's a celebration! They say at least 60% of our energy is used up by the digestive process, and so when the body does not need to digest, that energy is freed up. The uplift of energy that becomes available to us is nothing short of remarkable!

I remember my first week-long fast: an organized affair in the Pyrenees mountains which included daily long hikes to use up all that good energy... what a discovery! I had been nervous about it, and so stashed an apple away in my baggage... just in case lol. But from the very beginning, I felt WONDERFUL... and my body (which I had not always treated with respect) thanked me actively from the outset as my mind became more clear, and my energy levels allowed me to hike with the best of them!

That week-long fast was not enough for immoderate me (lol), so the last time I did it, I fasted two weeks... and got my PADI scuba license while doing it along the coast of the Mediterranean. (The organizers invited me not to tell the scuba instructors, though... fasting is not generally understood and the misconception that it weakens a body is common. And FALSE.)

There is a famous quote of Jesus' which has been on my mind for the last week or so, coming to mind again and again (and I know better than to ignore that!) It occurred when the disciples had asked Jesus why they weren't able to cast out demons, after he was able to do it. Jesus gave them to understand that their faith was smaller than a mustard seed... but that prayer and fasting might do the trick.

" if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you. However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting." (Matthew 17:21)

I think He was onto something...

Aside from the benefits of physical fasting (about which I have already waxed poetic), there is another kind of fasting which is very helpful in "casting out demons".

Now, I am not talking about Hollywood-type demons, no external monsters attacking hearth and home, but about INTERNAL ones.

Demons such as fear, doubt, worry, shame, and guilt all have the effect of bringing us down (and sometimes keeping us there). Such demons are really addictions: habits that do not serve (that old immoderation again lol): when what we do or with whom we do it is not of the highest and best, when our own thoughts, words or deeds bring us down and dim our shining.

You know what I mean by shining, right?

When we are joyful, when how we are in the world (how we act and feel) aligns with the Truth of who we are (sons and daughters of the Divine), then we SHINE!

And the more we feel well, the more we are happy with who we are and what we are doing, the more that shining beams forth brightly, a light from a lighthouse, shining on all and each equally.

On the other hand, when we are NOT joyful, when something has us out of whack, keeping us small, perhaps (pettiness, meanness, dishonesty, borne of fear, doubt, guilt, shame or worry), our light dims considerably. Folks may even notice the difference, which is often visible... and WE certainly feel the difference: a heavier step, less enthusiasm and passion for our lives.

In this season which amps everything up, our shining and steady light become even more important as activities and interactions stress and strain.

Time for a fast, maybe??

I am not talking about skipping eating (necessarily... unless you want to put aside those Christmas cookies and other holiday goodies), but rather a different kind of fast which very effectively serves to get that "other kind" of energy (our "demons" which diminish our joy)... OUT.

There is a law of energy which is useful to consider for this kind of fasting as it underpins this idea "WHERE OUR ATTENTION GOES, SO GOES OUR CREATIVE ENERGY."

This leads us to understand that the "fasting" that is necessary for a sea change is to disconnect with all sources of "temptation", to avoid feeding the thoughts and actions which we know to diminish our SHINE, in this season of celebrating LIGHT.

"HOW?", you may ask (or not lol...)

Fasting in this sense could include paying attention to the "random" (NOT!) thoughts which cross our mind... ALL THOUGHTS which cross our mind FEED SOMETHING: it may be our demons or our shining. For example, if SAD thoughts occupy our mind (unconsciously or not), then we are FEEDING the SAD aspect of our being. If we can become AWARE of this, and consciously (in those instants) shift our attention to (for example) GRATITUDE, we begin to FEED the grateful and joyful aspects of our being, and begin to starve out (take power away from) the often-unconscious dimming sadness.


Being sad in and of itself is not a bad thing, mind you: as emotions arise it is healthy to express them. But when it is a habit, the emotion is stale and we are held back in the past by that heavy energy, which can seem to hold as much power over us as a demon.


PRAYER is also helpful, of course. We don';t have to do it alone (and if we don;t yet have a mustard seed, it's probably not a good idea to try. lol

We can help ourselves out a good bit by asking for Divine / Angelic help (seeing as how they are hanging around anyway). In this way, PRAYER can help us to FAST (and not FEED!) any negative side of ourselves. Which will naturally bring us into more and more Light...

FASTING (watching which aspects of our inner being we feed: demons or Light) and PRAYER (asking for help) will do the trick... at least until I can work up to that faith the size of a mustard seed I have set my sights on.

In light of all that, I know that from which I will abstain (FAST) today... How about you?

FAST PRAYERS from Emerald Isle...

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