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Wednesday 5 July 2017

Shoot for the Moon (a fishing tip)


The summer has certainly begun (feels like forever already), and the fireworks of the 4th of July have cleared the way for the dog days of summer...

How will you celebrate it?

Celebrate it?

Yes, celebrate it!

This summer is a special one, after all... it's the only one you've got!

Wait a minute, hold on, don't getcher panties in a twist!

I am NOT saying you will kick the pail between now and summer 2018. Not saying that at all!

Well, not so much...

Let me explain: PAST summers are gone, long gone, some of them! And the further distant they are sometimes the further nostalgic we are about them (and sometimes the further we re-write history and create of the doldrum days of yore, the GOLDEN days or yore.

But I (as is my wont) digress...

When I say that this is the only summer we have, I mean that those past summers are finito. Kaput. Gonnnnnne.

And as for the future summers? Well, even if we DO make it that far into the future (and okay, okay, you likely will... probably lol), we have no control over any of them. They come or we go before they arrive... no control. They come and we enjoy them, or not... NO CONTROL!

We cannot live those future summers from where we are sitting here and now. Can't do it!

So we have ONE option: to live the summer that is staring us in the face.

Now here we DO have some control (even if sometimes it feels like we don't.)

We can DECIDE TO enJOY the summer - that is, to fill each day of our summer with JOY (and not just the ones where we are off from work lol).

If we DON'T decide, if we DON'T step into a stance of power over our summer, well then, we are setting ourselves up for something that might seem a sight less than JOYful.

HOW do we go about assuring our summertime is JOYful, you may ask (I would!)?


If we want to be "over the moon" delighted about our lives (either this day, this summer, or this year), we have to allow ourselves to AIM HIGH - as high as we can!

And if something lands on our boat that is NOT at the level of that of which we dare dream, well then (gulp!!)... throw it back.

Sure, well, many a head will yell and scream at us, hurling invectives maybe, giving us a talking-to, to whit: "This may be the best that comes along!" ... or ... "You may never get another chance!" Or the perennial (and deadly) "Something is better than nothing!"


Because we have ONE life! This is no dress rehearsal! And an almost-ran is an almost-lived!!

If we settle for second best, it should be no surprise at the end of life if we have some misgivings and regret... because a life of second bests was NOT meant for us.

Our hopes are linked to the highest version that this lifetime can be. We are never given a wish without also being given the capacity to make it come true.

Wishes - BIG ONES! - DO come true.

But like fishes, they cannot jump into a boat that is already full of second-best catfish...

Gone fishin' from the Bronx...

Monday 29 May 2017

How Does Your Garden Grow? (honoring the temple and the Earth)

Bonjour !

A sweltering day here in Paris, and without air conditioning quickly one perceives that the "normal" way of being simply will not do.

No oatmeal!

A breakfast standard, oatmeal is great except when the night was already hot and sticky and the morning finds us seeking more water than food, a natural reaction to the heat.

It is interesting to note that (even though it may seem like I am complaining), this is all quite normal.

In line with our nature, in winter we are drawn to hot foods, to nourishing our bodies with rich, warm food and drink, while in the summer, the fresh greens of salads and the light refreshment of water or iced tea seem more appealing.

Of course, this is less evident in places where so much air conditioning abounds that the natural order if obfuscated: where one needs to carry a sweater even in the extreme heat of summer as we go from home to car to work or even for eventual forays into stores to pick up dinner. (No wonder, is it, that stores understand the link between heat and no-hunger, and keep supermarkets at a frigid temperature. We would come away with much less in the cart otherwise...)

but I digress. As usual! ha!

The title is cultivate your garden, a phrase well-known here in France as it is the theme of Voltaire's famous book CANDIDE, "Il faut cultiver son jardin.", an invitation basically to take care of the inner life to lead more fully our outer life.

This morning, in the heat that sticks to the body, I was reminded of that phrase as in this season (beginning way too early, but never mind that - there is no global warming HA!), in places like Europe where we are actually feel the seasons pass, our BODIES lead us to the choices that are right for us in the moment in alignment with Nature, like eating less, hydrating more, rising early and avoiding the midday sun...

You get the idea.

There is a natural rhythm to life that often the craziness of the modern world sometimes erases for us.

In addition to obvious aspects like what we eat and when, there is of course the frenetic pace of a world which has only one speed: go-go-GO... and never a slow-slow-SLOW.

That frantic pace leads many to burnout or -if we don't succeed in maintaining the pace which was never meant to e - sometimes a judgment that we are somehow LESS, somehow not up to snuff.

But we can see, can't we, where all this modernity has brought us? Out of contact with the natural rhythm of the body, whole countries are becoming obese. Out of contact with our natural need to slow down in cycles, whole people are suffering from depression and burnout.

Maybe it's time to try something else?

And if not for us, maybe we can do it for our beloved planet, the Earth?

There is an eco-slogan I love that encapsulates what I am getting at: "We are not defending the Earth; we are the Earth defending herself."

WE ARE PART OF THE EARTH. The planet includes everything on it, everything in its ecosystem and atmosphere... which includes US.

As such, it is not a great leap to understand that how we treat ourselves - starting with our bodies and moving outward from there - is perhaps a key to shifting how we treat the earth (and each other.)

Cultivating our garden, our bodies on every level - physical, but also mental emotional and spiritual - can be a key to open the door to more balance and harmony in our relationship with Nature.

The more we honor the Temple that holds our sacred essence ("this little light of mine"), the more we honor Life, and the context of Life here, the earth.

People who are more in balance are connected to the Heart even more than to the Head, a balance which needs to shift if we are to arrive at changing the world.

So yes, to my beloved eco-friends I say yes to raising awareness and yes to going out into the streets if that is where your heart calls you...

But I would argue that as powerful a movement is the internal one of shifting our own consciousness to maybe showing ourSELVES a little more love. A little more balance. A little more peace.

Because as we go, so goes the Earth. To cultivate a conscious that recognizes the sacred in the Earth, perhaps a necessary first step is to recognize the sacredness in ourselves. Perhaps change will happen, too, one Heart at a time.

So just for today, maybe, what can YOU do to be extra good to your body? need more rest? More music? more healthy foods? Maybe a fast? Or dancing, singing... what is YOUR way to honor your temple today? In short...

How does your garden grown? from Paris...

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Une Prière pour Aujourd'hui (un blog rare - en français !)

Bonjour !

Aujourd'hui j'avais envie d'écrire une prière pour exprimer ce qui est sur mon coeur ce matin. Comme c'est court, je vais le traduire en français (j''ecris en anglais - meme mon livre "LES ANGES ME L'ONT DIT - guide pratique pour les Artisans de Lumière", j'ai écrit en anglais.

Voici le resultat de mes efforts ... mon prière du coeur pour ce jour... si l'envie est là.

Ce matin, le soleil semble de lutter contre les nuages pour s'exprimer, et je commence la journée avec une prière. Vous pouvez le lire si l'envie est là... <3

-k. hudson

Mon Dieu, mon Coeur,
Ce jour, emballez-moi dans vos bras d'Amour,
Tenez mon coeur qui tremble proche au Votre
Comblez-moi avec la Lumière de Votre Amour, et Paix.

Aujourd'hui (plus que tous les autres jours) J'ai besoin de Vous.

Vous (mieux que personne) savez à quel point il y a parfois des journées piquantes sur Terre.
Et moi (mieux que personne) sais que si je ne prends pas ce Temps avec Vous ce matin
Je n'aurai pas la possibilité de Vous voir toute la journée, en tout ce qui est :
les lieux, les evenements et les personnes qui m'entourent en ce jour.

Donc pour commencer bien la journée, SVP, comblez-moi de Votre Amour, de Votre Lumière,
Pour que je puisse voir cet Amour et cette Lumière en toute aspect de la Vie de ce jour
Pour que je puisse porter cet Amour et Lumière en moi
vers ;les endroits et les personne que Vous mettrez sur mon chemin aujourd'hui.

Merci de tout mon coeur à Vous, mon Coeur.

Light and Love from Paris...

Today's Prayer


This morning, as the sun fights for a spot between the clouds, I begin the day with a prayer... you can read it if you like... :-)

-k. hudson

Dear Lord, my Heart,
Today, please fold me up in your loving arms,
Hold my tender heart close to yours, Sacred
Fill me with the light of Your love and peace.

Today (more than most days), I need You, Lord.

You know here on earth there are days like this.
And I know that if today I do not take this time with You
I will have no chance at all to see You all day, in all that is:
In the events and people and surroundings of this day.

So to begin this day, fill me with Your Light, Lord, with your Love,
So I can see that Light and Love wherever I go
So I can carry that Light and Love wherever i go
To wherever and to whomever you place on my path today

Thank YOU!

Light and Love from Paris...

Monday 15 May 2017

Riding the Elevator


Delighted, I am being regaled at this instant by birds chirping outside and for a moment, no trucks delivering anything to the supermarket across the street, what luck! I close my eyes and I could be anywhere (as if Paris were not good enough...)

At such moments, it seems to me that by grace, the elevator of life just takes me UP. A surprise, a moment or two out of time, where there is a gift to be had, if I am present enough to receive the present.

Yes, that elevator idea has me intrigued this morning...

If I can imagine my life as an elevator ride - some floors more fun than others! - but a ride, nonetheless, an exercize which will eventually bring me exactly where I am meant to go.

I remember visiting my paternal grandmother, a very strict woman, in the Inwood section of Manhattan when I was a child. We would be bade sit on chairs covered in hard plastic and admonished not to move (not to sneak into her room for example and use her soft soft hairbrush! OH! Certainly not! lol)...

We were meant to sit quietly while she chatted over coffee with my father in the kitchen, the two of them smoking up a storm. I was just as happy not to go in there, so when it was time and I was called into the smoky room to talk with her about school, I didn't really want to go. Nana had tobacco-stained teeth rimmed with a glaring pink lipstick (probably why I didn't want to wear makeup when i was younger, now that I think of it.)

But the best part of the trip was when I left the kitchen interview, I passed the door of the apartment, and sometimes would be allowed to leave for a little while...

JOY and celebration!

Now, there was a small elevator just to the right of her first-floor apartment, and I was strictly forbidden to go near it. So, naturally I went straight to it on more than one occasion, delighting in both the taboo of it and the riding it up and down. (There was no elevator to take us so graciously to our own 6th-floor walk-up apartment.)

So, I guess you can tell I like elevators, huh? lol

I even enjoy riding the elevator in this building (they have one elevator for even-numbered floors, and one for odd-numbered floors, what fun!) though I only live on the second floor and I could easily walk it. But no, for the most part, I take the elevator whenever I can and enjoy that childhood pleasure.

Similarly, with the birds singing this morning, my elevator goes UP.

But our elevators don't always go UP, do they?

Sometimes they go down. Sometimes sometimes, maybe, someone else gets on our elevator and takes us DOWN with them, non?

Or sometimes we press the button to go all the way down to the basement ourselves, non ?

The ups and downs of life are well documented... but what interests me most is that WE HAVE ACCESS TO THE BUTTONS.

Sure, sometimes life can push our buttons and we start heading DOWN... but HEY! I have access to all the buttons all the time, don't I?

So no matter where my elevator is headed at this moment (hovering up in the sky with the wingèd ones, maybe?), I know I can always come down to earth to get stuff done...

Or, if ever the vagaries of life or humanity start to send my elevator down, I can rest easy, knowing that I have access to all the buttons, so what goes down, will most definitely come UP.

But what are those buttons, really?

True there is no easily discernible elevator panel in front of me. Yet I know the buttons to push to get that "lift" (love the England-English word for elevator, don't you?) Our buttons are individual, and it is good to recognize what they are...

Some of my own buttons are working out or dancing (love to move my body!), listening to music (live music is is better), walking in Nature... meditation and prayer... singing... writing (ahem).

And the more I ensure that each day I get to do at least some of these things, the more I ensure my elevator brings me to the heights where I can see more clearly the amazing ride that this is, this Life.


I just have to fill my day pushing as many of my UP buttons as I can... especially when the world seems to want my elevator to head "down".

How 'bout you? What are your UP buttons?

With those beautiful buttons in mind, wanna take a ride with me?

Because today, I will definitely be...

Going UP from Paris...

Friday 12 May 2017

Blackbird Singing

Bonjour !

Back in Paris finally after a lot of travelling and grabbing just a couple of minutes for myself to write this incredible story so I'LL never forget it...

Sunday morning, I was walking up a very big hill (Saint-Étienne is known as the city of seven hills) to the place where I was teaching day two of the ANGELIC CO-CREATION workshop.

It was quiet, as France is in general on Sunday mornings, and I was alone on the street of the residential neighborhood where I would be teaching in a space called LA VIE EST BELLE. (Which is why I bought the perfume of the same name at the airport on my way back to France. I don't believe in coincidences, and it seemed rather another wink-wink, nudge-nudge from the Angels.)

But I digress.

As I walked up the hill, above me, on my route, I perceived a jerky movement of some sort.

Approaching, I saw it was a black bird who was hurt. He wasn't able to fly; there seemed to be a bend in his body that was keeping him ground-ridden.

As I approached, I slowly first walked past him, feeling into whether I was supposed to mess with the situation or not. (Sometimes the answer is not.)

But not this time. I heard the song (one of my talisman songs) :''

"Blackbird singing in the dead of night... take this broken wing and learn to fly.
You were only waiting for this moment to arrive...Blackbird, FLY!"''

I doubled back and approached gently, assuring the little guy that he was in good hands... so he let me pick him up.

I used just one finger to straighten what was awry, and then held him in my hands, doing some Reiki on him.

The thought occurred to me to bring him into our workshop circle for further healing, but - while I could see him in my mind's eye with us - it was clear to me somehow that I was not supposed to bring him inside. (Emphasis on "I".)

I wished him well, placed him gently in a nook next to a building so he wouldn't be downtrodden when the humans finally stirred, and went on my way.

After preparing the workshop space for the day, I went out to the kitchen, where I saw one of the workshop attendees, Françoise. When I greeted her, she turned slowly, and... there he was!

She was loving up the little guy, who looked very much at home in her hands.

When she asked if she could bring him into our workshop space, the answer was clearly "YES"... so we settled him comfortably on the ample windowsill outside.

Our day began in meditation and prayer, and not a few thoughts flew to our little mascot hanging on the ample window sill as we sat.

When we finished and the workshop attendees were slowly coming back into the space, I allowed my curiosity to take me to the window... and he was gone!

He left a black feather behind, a gift for Françoise who that day gained a LOT of confidence in her ability to transmit energy and healing. Prior to that, somewhat "broken" by Life, she was in need of confidence regarding her being amply in possession of energy and capable of healing.


Thank you Angels, you guys are amazing ! Thanks for the message...


FLY! from Paris...

Saturday 25 March 2017

When It's Time to Change (The Brady Bunch)


I am enthusiastic in my greeting this morning, because the sky is freakin' BLUE here in Paris, and change is in the air!

During the last months, as is her wont, Paris has been dressing in more than 50 shades of gray: wet, dry, misty, freezing, damp, warmish, windy... you get the idea!

But it feels like a sea shift this morning, and after all, aren't we almost in April?


Besides the blue skies, I am positively giddy this morning, because I woke up laughing. I love when that happens!

It was the dream I was having, or at least the sound track to it, that had me wake up chipper and giggly... does anyone remember The Brady Bunch??

Well, I woke up to a song those lucky kids sang in a recording studio when Peter's voice began to change (remember they adjusted the song so he could still sing with them?), TIME TO CHANGE. The refrain went like this:

When it's time to change, you've got to rearrange, for you you are and a-what you're gonna be!

(Shan na na na na na na na nah - SHANANANANAH!) (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Arguably THE kids' show from the 70's in the US (but who can forget the Partridge Family? Greg was no match for David Cassidy! Just sayin'.), The Brady Bunch came into millions of homes through maybe (like at our house) a black-and-white tv at first, then spectacular COLOR... a lifetime ago!

So why did this song show up today?

Because I needed to get the message!

Sometimes we receive messages "from the other side" (family members who have passed, our ANGELS or guides, for example) in such ways: a song that pops into our head which we hadn't thought of in decades maybe (!)... lights flickering on and off ... repetitive numbers... feathers or coins popping up everywhere... the list goes on and on! (One of mine is hair elastics - long story, but they are everywhere, just like ANGELS!) ;-)

So this morning, when I woke up laughing, I ran for my computer to listen to the song, knowing it to be a message, to refresh my memory (the link to the song is on my Facebook page, just below this posting, if we are connected on Facebook. :-))

The lyrics, like the refrain and the idea that the seeds for who we will (or can) be are already within us: Greg and Marcia singing that the man or woman we will become is within us already. And Peter underlining the fact that this is not always easy news, that there are growing pains... but ALSO that we can have FUN with them...


Okay, okay... or not. ;-)

Whatever the case, they have a point, and springtime is the BEST season to have that point grab our attention. NEW LIFE bursting all around us! Or beginning to, anyway...

But what do we do when NEW LIFE knocks at our door?

Do we fling the door open wide, knowing that it is merely our next step, with a cry of YAY!!! ? Or not?

Instead, do we maybe we look backward with nostalgia (even if it wasn't realllly all that great), and instead try to hang on to the known and the comfortable (or the known and the UNcomfortable?)

It seems sometimes like we are conditioned for the status quo, not to rock the boat... even if we have been seasick of it for years.

It may be that the idea of the unknown that is calling us - all the variables and what-if/scary scenarios our mind plays to stop us from becoming who we are meant to be - is simply too much for us to take and so we stay put.

As adults we may think we are a "finished product." But as wonderful as you already are (and you are! lol), there is always another iteration of ourselves ready and waiting to be birthed. So the woman I can become is waiting to step out... and sometimes this can be scary.

In addition, if we accept to grow, our movement and change impacts those we love, and not always softly. So sometimes we decide to "play nice"; we stay put and don't allow our beautiful Voice to emerge.

The word for Voice in French ("voix", pronounced "vwah") is a homonym (sounds the same lol) as the word for Path ("voie", also pronounced "vwah")... another reason why I love French! :-) When we step further into our authenticity and dare to speak (or sing!) our truth, the highest possible path opens up to us, clearly and easily...

I think back to the (fun) times hanging out with friends in the bars of the Bronx and Inwood in Manhattan. Sure, we had a good few laughs, and I met some amazing people in those days, people I still proudly call friends. But if I had not ventured out, I would be a shrunken version of myself right now. We are always invited to change and shift, each in our own way. Even if the shifting proves uncomfortable...

But - uneasiness aside - 'tis the season indeed, and I can feel the call to the new: the teachers I have trained to take up the baton here are now ready to go... my FIRST BOOK (!!!) is coming out here in May with the publisher for whom I had been hoping... my schedule is now filling with book signings... hopefully my dance card will also fill with a US literary agent so it will come out in English, too, sometime soon... a Brazilian translation is on the horizon... and there are new countries to work in (Switzerland, Tahiti (!!!!)), new people to see and places to go...

LOTS of change! Good stuff - YAY stuff! But I definitely also have a case of the "EEK"s: part of me is skittish like a colt and unnerved about these and other changes to come. Some I know about, and some I can just feel coming on.

However, the alternative of NOT changing is no longer possible, and so with a nervous but gleeful cry of EEK, and then YAYYY! I embrace these new doors opening, and move forward gracefully, no clinging to what was.


This morning I am filled with GRATITUDE: to the Brady gang, to the Sun and her shine, for sure... but most of all to my Angels for their fun-loving message to calm frazzled bits of me with a fun song, ripe with meaning, from my childhood! I LOVE You!

And, yeah, I get it: it's time to rearrange for who I am and a-what I'm gonna be!

Starting today, it's a GO!

Rearranging from Paris...

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